Deepen Your Yoga - Workshop - Explore, Experience, and Get Inspired

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Yoga will help you build body intelligence, to be able to detect a pain at the onset. It will bring you inner peace by helping you detect your own unrest, irritation, and stress at its onset. This workshop will educate you on the general concepts and gives you a deep-dive into the world of yoga. We also give you take home practice kits!

We are pleased to offer an extensive and in-depth yoga workshop on a regular basis.
Objective of this workshop: 

  • Deepen your experience of yoga. How can I modify practices to suit my needs? How can I focus my practice when I have pains or injuries or when I am simply under weather.

  • Learn the concepts - Why and Why not ? Learn the applications and limitations - How and How not?

  • Experience the deepest silence through asanas, pranayama, meditation

  • Chanting of Shanti Mantras and Bija Mantras such as A, U, M, Aum - Understand the Concepts and then Experience

  • Do you have a visual mind or a verbal mind? Understand this concept and practice gazing meditations along with mantra meditations.

  • Concepts of Bhagavad Gita in Life - Selected simple shlokas and their applications

  • Get Inspired - Profound and Simple - can it be so? You may ask. You will be inspired to practice (sadhana).

At the end of the workshop you will be empowered with tools to handle your life's challenges and will be inspired to share this knowledge to others.

Who: Yoga Enthusiasts, Yoga teachers, yoga students who want to signup for YogaTeacher Training or anyone who want to learn more holistic yoga (asana, pranayama, and meditation) through hands on training are encouraged to attend. At least 6 months of yogapractice experience is essential even if it is sometime in the past or watching TV or video.
When: Saturdays Aug 03 - Sept 07 (Six Saturdays), 8am - 10.30am
Where: 1849, Camargo Drive, San Jose
Fees: $135 until July 28th (regular $155)
Minimum 6 registrations required to start the workshop. 

Note: For Yoga Teachers, this course qualifies as CE units and for present batch Yoga Bharati students, it also qualifies as an elective towards RYT 200 .

Ashwini Surpur

Ashwini Surpur, BS (Computer Science), MA (Sanskrit), ERYT, CIAYT is the Executive Director of Yoga Bharati. She has worked at Oracle as a Software Engineer for 15 years and quit her software career in 2010 to join Yoga Bharati as a full time volunteer staff. She has spoken at various conferences on yoga and Hindu philosophy. She writes articles for various magazines and news media on Yoga. She is passionate about literature and philosophy and composes poems in Kannada and English. She teaches Bhagavad Gita for children and adults.

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