Prenatal Yoga


Yoga Bharati invites all you wonderful mothers-to-be. This being one of the most momentous phases of your life, give yourself and your little bundle of joy the gift of prenatal yoga! Our prenatal yoga classes help you bond with your baby and prepare for a positive childbirth experience, Research shows 31% reduction in the feeling of anxiety among pregnant women even after a single prenatal yoga class.

The classes focus on deep breathing, relaxation, light stretching and preparing the body and mind to accept the changes wholeheartedly. Share your beautiful journey with other expectant mothers as you breathe and truly relax. 

Our Techniques include:

  • Breath and Body Synchronization -Gentle movement of body in synchrony with breath; calms down the mind and improves lung capacity and overall rejuvenation

  • Subtle Loosening - Deep awareness building practice with simple movements for subtle strengthening of muscles, tendons and joints

  • Asanas - Holding of poses to get deep stretch, relieve muscle spasms, and for total health

Prenatal Classes Locations and Schedule

We offer prenatal classes in different parts of the Bay Area for your convenience. Click on the locations below to see the schedule.

Cupertino/Milpitas/Fremont/Evergreen Areas

20445 Prospect Rd, Suite #1, San Jose CA-95129
(Covers Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga and W San Jose)
9.00 AMPrenatal Yoga

Milpitas/North San Jose

1849 Camargo Drive, San Jose
10.15 AMPrenatal Yoga


Please call us for Details

S. San Jose (Evergreen)


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