Yoga for Cancer and Rehabilitation Needs

Yoga is an effective, time-tested, and holistic approach to optimizing your health along with getting timely medical treatment. The comprehensive mind body approach of yoga empowers you to stay active and to lower anxiety and stress during or post cancer treatment. We offer a variety set yogic tools and techniques to address your individual health needs.

Ways we can help you; 

We bring free group yoga for cancer management workshops throughout the year. Please check out the upcoming events links page for the upcoming workshop.

After you attend the group workshop we offer several options to continue the yoga therapy.

FREE GROUP CLASSES: We offer our group classes FREE for 3 months to the cancer patients during and after chemo/radiation (for those who have had the cancer treatment within the last 1 year). However, you will need to pay for initial consultation (health assessment/orientation) and two or more private sessions. Then you may be eligible to participate in our FREE group classes. Conditions apply*

START DATE: 1st weekend of the month

Date/Time: We have ongoing classes and class calendar. We work with you and give you options to make it convenient for you.

Yoga For Cancer Survivors: Yoga for Cancer Survivors provides you with a comprehensive yoga based rejuvenation for overall health and strength . Contact us for details. 

Details of the Program*

Registration and Evaluation – Our yoga therapists do an initial basic health evaluation regarding your strength and activity level for the practice of yoga.

Induction and Orientation – We conduct a private or semi-private sessions to orient you towards our yoga practices and train you with modifications in the yoga practice to suit your health condition.

Group Yoga Classes – We have small size classes so we can give you the needed attention during the entire workshop, so you practice safely and that your practice is effective in providing optimum relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lifestyle Workshops – Our workshops on Ayurveda and holistic lifestyle provide deeper understanding of mind-body practices. We include education sessions on lifestyle modifications, various Complementary and Alternative Medicine options, their effectiveness, and the evidence available in helping address your health needs.  These sessions happen twice or thrice a year and our cancer participants will get this workshop for free.

Evaluation and Feedback – We constantly monitor your feedback and evaluate your changing condition and provide appropriate support during and after cancer therapy.

Home Practice kits – After closely following your needs, we will allow you to settle into the new lifestyle with group classes, before helping you take up your own practice and lifestyle at your home. This helps you to continue your lifestyle effectively.  Continuing to come to the group classes provides motivation for home practice. Yoga is for life, yogic lifestyle is for you to stay healthy and prevent diseases. A good habit takes time to inculcate, but has its rewards in plenty. We will help you!

* FREE three month group classes for 12 weeks for cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy or within one year of treatment as a post-treatment rehabilitation program. Conditions apply. Please consult your doctor before practicing yoga.

Research on Yoga for Cancer

Yoga is an ancient practice aimed at providing a positive state of well being at physical, mental, social and intellectual levels of our being. The Sanskrit word yoga means “to join” or “to unite,” signifying the joining of mind and body.  Yoga helps in addressing symptoms during/after cancer therapy.

Yoga for Cancer Patients Provides Benefits of Sleep, Vitality, concludes a research done at University of Rochester Medical Center.

Read An Article on the Research. Click here

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