Kids Yoga Classes

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Note: Classes are 60-75 mins duration

Our Kids classes are geared towards building EQ (emotional quest) which is a big factor in children's success in life. We use chantings, balancing, and gazing practices to improve their memory, concentration and focus. We will show them learning can be fun and that motivates them to stay focused.

Youth of today are under heavy stress. Stress is a reaction to the external situation and not the situation itself.  Some students are relaxed even the day before exams and some are stressed weeks before the exams. This shows that we have control over our reaction to external situation. Can the child be relaxed and yet handle all that is needed to be done to excel and meet the parents/schools’ expectations? Absolutely, and yoga helps with that. Yoga creates the entire support system and provides a stress-free environment for a healthy child. 

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What do we teach and why?

  • Dynamic practices and yogasanas for building presence of mind. We aim for progression towards flexibility and holding for long with ease.

  • Pranayama - We teach them to hold their nose and sit for alternate nostril breathing or single nostril breathing - upto 15 mins ! This improves their focus.

  • Games - We play simple games that help bring presence of mind, strategy building techniques and as stress relief techniques.

  • Learning to learn – We teach short mantras and shlokas, and explain the meaning through simple stories and anecdotes. Apart from powerful vibrations, they also help build ethics such as — Non-violence, Truthfulness and non-greed into the children.

  • Meditation - Chanting for relaxation, awareness and breath work. Kids can chant Aum for upto 10 mins and be silent for upto 5 mins with their eyes closed. We will aim to achieve that.

  • Ayurveda and Health Awareness - We bring sessions on Ayurveda, seasonal nutrition and lifestyle changes and simple practical aspects of sprouting, juicing, spice related awareness, etc.

  • Harmony with Mother Nature - we also teach them to be environment consciousness, eating natural foods instead of refrigerated, processed and canned foods, buying local produce, visiting farmers' market, conserving water, green living, recycling etc.

My child does many activities. One more — yoga?

  • In every other place, the child learns, we make them unlearn.

  • While everyone stimulates your child, we make them relax.

  • While others make sure your child's eyes are open, we make sure your child's eyes are closed.

  • We are opposite of all other learning. They need to slow down too.

  • Three points about yoga for children - Firstly yoga should be fun and we make it such. Secondly, yoga should become a culture and lifestyle just as we light a lamp when we wake up. Third, yoga helps the child in the long run as a physical practice for the body's wellbeing; as pranayama to be able to develop willpower, as mindfulness practice to be able to handle any challenge with a positive spirit. It may seem like a long haul; it may not have quick gratification feeling, but it is life-transforming. One has to continue to bring children to yoga class at least once a week and have the child do some 15-20 mins of yoga everyday. Slow and Steady wins the race.

Yoga Therapy for Children

We provide private yoga therapy for children with special needs and also to help with memory and focus, learning ability improvement, and anxiety and stress problems. Yoga can have both short term and long term benefits.

See testimonies demonstrate what we mean:

  • One teenager youth who did teacher training in 2014 - "I was addicted to my emails and would check my email every 5 mins before I started Yoga training and just in 2.5 months, I developed enough awareness to control myself and then it came down to once every hour"

  • A college youth who is the child of our Yoga Bharati volunteer narrated his experience recently — I was a sensitive, timid, and high-temper child and every small dissidence would bother me. Thanks to my mom who drenched me in yoga, now nothing bothers me in life. I can compare how I was then to how I am now, and I can only attribute my peace and tranquility to all the yogic talk I heard and the practices my parents made me do". Yes, it took the parents 12 years to achieve this, but this is what we call "yoga works well when we implement it as a culture of yoga for children".

How does practicing yoga help in children's memory development?

  • Relaxed learning deepens the perception

  • Reducing distractability and increasing attention span through relaxed attentiveness

  • Activating dormant areas of the brain through stimulation and relaxation

  • Sifting useful memories from useles ones through awareness

Research on Yoga for Focus/Memory and ADHD kids

Stunningly, recent research suggested that babies learn better when they are sleepy, not when they are wide awake telling us that Yoga Nidra (wakeful sleep) is a good learning aid for all age groups. 

Yoga improves memory better than Brain Training? Research brings out this aspect.

  • Timely sleep facilitates declarative memory consolidation in infants, Seehagen, Konrad et al [PNAS 1985 82 (21) 7470 – 7473]

  • Children aged 11 to 16 years showed a significant increase of 43% in spatialmemory scores: Manjunath.N.K, Telles et al [Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2004 Jul;48(3):353-6]

  • Significant improvement in the ADHD symptoms as assessed on CARS (P-0.014), ADHD-RS IV (P=0.021) and CGI- S scales: Hariprasad et al (P=0.004) [Indian J Psychiatry. 2013 Jul;55(Suppl 3):S379-84]

  • Peer-mediated multimodal intervention program with yoga and meditation for the treatment of children with ADHD in India; One-year followup showed improvement in Vanderbilt questionnaires in 92% and remarkable improvements in the students’ school performances that were sustained throughout the year: Mehta, Shah et al [ISRN Pediatr. 2012;2012:419168]



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