Women's Yoga

Women are the cornerstone of family and society. While taking care of everyone and everything around them, they often forget about themselves. Research has shown that women are twice as likely to develop anxiety, panic disorders and pressures of stress than men.

 Yoga Bharati offers classes especially geared towards taking care of women. We address women's health needs such as menstrual and metabolic disorders, infertility, structural disorders such as back and neck pain, or simply for stress management and positive health.

Our women's classes are your safe place — a large community of yoginis who bond and support each other.

Our Style and Description

Please note that our classes are holistic and all aspects of the below techniques are present in every class. The differentiation lies in the amount of time and focus spent in those techniques, which varies with the class type.

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Our wellness program gives you a guided program for yoga practice for continued motivation towards self-growth (sadhana).
  • Yoga for Positive Health - Practices aimed at a holistic health with breath awareness, loosening, asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques - class for all levels.
  • Yoga and Breath - Gentle movement of body in synchrony with breath; calms down the mind and improves lung capacity and overall rejuvenation.
  • Dynamic Yoga - Fast paced yoga techniques followed by deep relaxation.
  • Stretch and Restore - Holding of Asanas to get deep stretch to muscles to relieve muscle spasms and for overall health
  • Restorative and Meditative - Deep awareness building practice with simple movements for subtle strengthening of muscles, tendons and joints.
  • Core Strength - Practices aimed at stretching and Strengthening of the core muscles and back so that sitting postures are going to be easier. This class helps people with back, neck and shoulder pains. It is also an overall relaxing class for all levels.
  • Yoga and Meditation - Practices aimed at holistic form of yoga with breath awareness, loosening and asana poses with a focus on Meditation - a class for positive health.

Location and Schedule

We offer women's yoga at our YB Main Center in West San Jose (Cupertino) Area. 

    Venue: Yoga Bharati Main Center
                    20445 Prospect Rd, Suite#1
                    San Jose, CA-95129

     Days/Times: Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:30am

    Venue: Tulip Afterschool
                    3555 Beacon Ave
                    Fremont, CA-94538

     Days/Times: Mon/Wed, 9:30am


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Email:class @ yogabharati.org