Annual Report 2017

We are proud to claim fifteen years of bringing authentic yoga, ancient wisdom and modern research. As a volunteer-managed global community, we work to foster yoga with its therapeutic applications and life transforming effects.  We bring yoga classes for general wellness, yoga teacher training courses for students who want to teach yoga, and yoga therapy to heal those with chronic ailments.


  • Trained over 400 yoga teachers just in the Bay Area alone.

  • Over 5000 class-hours of FREE or affordable yoga sessions to the community each year,

  • Special affordable yoga classes for kids, seniors, stress management and yoga as therapy.

  • Over nine locations where yoga is taught regularly just in the Bay Area

  • Yoga offering to Corporate sectors by our volunteers

  • Yoga offering to After School Day Cares at low affordable rates

  • Yoga offering to Blind Center Santa Clara as a volunteer service.

  • Yoga therapy offering to health care centers and Rehabilitation centers NEW project started this year!

Accreditation - International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) - We are in the final stages of accreditation with IAYT for our Diploma in Yoga Therapy Course. We have 10 CIAYTs (IAYT certified Yoga Therapists) in grand-parenting path of IAYT.  This is a great stamp on our high quality holistic yoga education that combines western scientific methodology and rational thought with classical and traditional yoga and spirituality.

Advanced Teacher Training (RYS-300)  - We are now offering Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program (RYT-300) . 

Stop Diabetes Movement - Yoga Bharati collaborated with Sewa International in offering Stop Diabetes Movement again this year. Over 50 Bay Area participants benefited from this movement. 

Yoga for Cancer – We offer FREE three month active support for Cancer using Yoga Therapy for people who are undergoing or taken Chemo/Radiation to help them achieve a better quality of life and to move toward normalcy.  Eight cancer patients took yoga therapy this year alone.

Yoga for Seniors - We offer discounted yoga workshops for Seniors to encourage seniors to practice yoga. More than 25 seniors took advantage of this program at our main center and over 200 seniors are regularly taking yoga from Yoga Bharati volunteers in the Bay Area alone.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Bharati has committed to building a world-class research culture that can scientifically validate the benefits of Yoga Therapy, and to bringing authentic Yoga Therapy to our community.

Our Main Center: We have well established facility in West San Jose close to Cupertino, Saratoga, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. We offer yoga for wellness, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda services.

Visit our center at: 20445, Prospect Rd, Suite #1, San Jose

Yoga Therapy classes for special groups – we have yoga therapy classes running continuously in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Pleasanton Tri-valley, and Fremont. This year, we have conducted workshops on Yoga for back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity and metabolic disorders, vision disorders for children and teens, prenatal and postnatal workshops.

Yoga Yajna (Yogathon) 2017 – we conducted Yoga Yajna in both winter and summer this year. The theme of the closing ceremony was group practice of 108 sun salutation cycles (yajna) and Om chanting. More than 200 people from age 3 to 65 years participated in Yoga Yajna this year.

Yoga Teacher Training 2017

More than 28 students from age 13 years – 55 years took Yoga Instructors Course (YTT) aka Yoga Teacher Training this year. It was a  year long course, with 3 month intensive course from March to May 2015 and a yoga retreat at Sivananda Ashram. We have revamped the entire course to make it more modular, with greater emphasis on quality and depth. We had two offerings of YTT module 1 this year, and with 2018, there will be four YTT module 1 offerings to meet the growing demand.

Yoga Therapy Training

We now have 10 graduated of Diploma in Yoga Therapy who are actively serving at our center, in rehabilitation centers, and in their private studios. We have more than 20 students enrolled into our Diploma in Yoga Therapy. This is a 2 year course aimed at training the yoga teachers to address people with different chronic ailments and empower them towards management and healing of their disease conditions.

Youth Yoga Training and Practice:

Yoga Bharati has a unique focus on building youth ambassadors and lifelong yogis. More than 250 children in the Bay Area have taken our yoga classes with us. Youth have been showing increasing interest in yoga each year and we have trained 9 yoga teachers this year alone and over 60 youth yoga teachers overall. We bring awareness about health and well being at all levels of human personality and we  also create opportunities for them to channel their energy and develop their leadership skills. We conduct spiritual parenting sessions for our parents so that the entire family participates in developing yoga as a lifestyle.

Bhagavad Gita for Children and Adults

Yoga Bharati offers Gita for children and adults as a memory and focus improvement program and also to inculcate spirituality into them. Parents are encouraged to participate along with their children for effective learning. More than 30 students benefited from this program this year.


Promote awareness of Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda

Yoga Bharati hosts prominent speakers in the fields of Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda.

In 2017, we arranged pranayama and meditation workshop and discourse by Shri N.V.Raghuram, Chairman of Yoga Bharati and Swami Bodhananda of Sambodh Society

We hosted Spiritual Parenting and Relationship, and Meditation program and an in-depth study on Patanjali Yoga Sutras by Swami Bodhananda Saraswati in Nov 2017.

Active partnership with local organizations

Over the years, Yoga Bharati has passionately served the community and has created a niche position for itself in the local volunteer organization network. We consistently contribute and support local events in various roles – as specialists in yoga and also as enthusiastic participants. This year was no different.

Sevathon 2017: This was held in the month of June Yoga Bharati has been a key partner of Sevathon since it’s inception. This year Yoga Bharati conducted international day of yoga in San Jose California. More than 120 participants practiced Surya Namaskar and OM Chanting.

Roadmap for Future Events in 2018

In 2018, Yoga Bharati will work with greater resolve towards our goals, building on the momentum in previous years. In addition, we’re planning a few new projects that are outlined below.

Yoga Teacher Training 2018 – We have revamped Yoga Training to reach out to more people in different corners of the Bay Area. As an effect we will have many more people taking our YTT. This year, we are likely to have a 30-40% increase in YTT participation.

Advanced Yoga Education Courses - RYT-300 and DYT - We plan to start our next batch of advanced courses in Yoga - both Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and Diploma in Yoga Therapy. The demand has been tremendous and we hope to meet this increased demand.

Yoga Yajna 2017– We invite everyone to participate in Yoga Yajna like every year, and in addition we are also preparing and training for a competition of practicing Surya Namaskars and Aum Chanting.

Sevathon 2018: We will be partnering with Sevathon organization and organize Yogathon in big way in 2018.

Support Us

With your generous support, we at Yoga Bharati have been able to take up significant programs to promote Yoga in a holistic way. Your further contributions will strengthen our resolve and initiatives. Please see the link below for ways to contribute generously towards ‘Samājanidhi’.