Spring and Yoga

By Savita Joshi

Spring is the time to cleanse your Body and Mind.  Suryanamaskars, a gift of Yoga by our ancient sages to the mankind.

Spring Yoga

Spring is the time where flowers bloom and leaves burst open and so do allergens! which means lower immunity.

Below practices are proven to strengthen our immunity and revitalize internal and external organs especially during Spring time.

1. Kriya (cleansing) practice such as Neti (Nasal irrigation) helps greatly by cleansing the nasal passages. Neti not only cleanses but it also calms down the hypersensitivities of the mind. Neti is done with a neti pot filled with warm saline water. One should relax and observe the nasal passage while doing Neti. It should be learned under the guidance of the qualified yoga teacher.

2. Sun that shines externally is also the guiding principle and creative force that radiates inside the body. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) practice has a combination of 10 yoga posters. Sun Salutations are proven to have a powerful influence on all the systems of the body: nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive. The combination of all asanas (postures) performed as a set has many health benefits such as weight loss, vitalizing of the entire body, sharpening of the mind and to attain optimal health.

3. Meditating upon the sun during the Sun Salutations brings connection to the higher force. Sun Salutations help immensely in developing this capacity of mindfulness in everything we do.  When we are mindful, we have clarity of mind and we have better control of our emotions and reactions.
Yoga Bharati offers Suryanamaskar learning through personal training and in the classes.

Savita Josh, E-RYT, is the Treasurer and the Director of Yoga Therapy Services at Yoga Bharati. Savita teaches yoga therapy for more than eight years with an emphasis on supporting women through prenatal and postnatal yoga, fertility, and other psychosomatic disorders at Yoga Bharati..