Our Milpitas Yoga Centers

Address:  Sanatana Dharma Kendra, 3102 Landess Ave, San Jose, CA 95132

(some classes also offered at other locations, please see below for details)

Phone: 408-341-YOGA (9642) Ext 107 (Milpitas)


Yoga Session Details  

A Different Approach to Yoga

We are not a typical studio where you sign up and start attending the classes. We understand your needs and your health conditions (if any) and work with you closely to help you achieve your health  goals.  Our sessions are holistic with breath awareness, yoga movements with breath synchronization, dynamic loosening practices to increase the heart rate and provide cardio endurance, asanas in the style of Stretch and Restore, 

 We also include yoga nidra style relaxation, Pranayama and Meditation Techniques involving chanting of simple syllables like A, U, and M sounds and visual techniques. 

Our Yoga Therapy and Wellness Services

Read below the details of our session types. Note that our yoga sessions are holistic and all aspects of the below techniques are present in every session. We tailor the sessions to your needs and health conditions. Where necessary, we recommend private sessions to offer and assist you with your conditions. If you cannot afford to pay for the private sessions, we have ways to help you as we are a non-profit organization and our generous donors help us in our vision of "Affordable holistic health for all"! 

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Our wellness program gives you a guided program for yoga practice for continued motivation towards self-growth (sadhana).
  • Yoga for Fitness - Practices aimed at a holistic health with breath awareness, loosening, asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques.
  • Yoga and Breath - Gentle movement of body in synchrony with breath; calms down the mind and improves lung capacity and overall rejuvenation
  • Dynamic Yoga - Fast paced yoga techniques followed by deep relaxation
  • Stretch and Restore - Holding of Asanas to get deep stretch to muscles to relieve muscle spasms and for overall health
  • Restorative and Meditative - Deep awareness building practice with simple movements for subtle strengthening of muscles, tendons and joints
  • Core Strength - Practices aimed at stretching and Strengthening of the core muscles and back so that sitting postures are going to be easier. This class helps people with back, neck and shoulder pains. It is also an overall relaxing class for all levels.
  • Yoga and Meditation - Practices aimed at holistic form of yoga with breath awareness, loosening and asana poses with a focus on Meditation - a class for positive health

Group Yoga Sessions Calendar

8.30 am
Adults Yoga for Positive Health/Yoga Therapy (75 minutes) Prenatal Yoga*
(60 minutes)
9.15 am
Kids Yoga (6-12 yrs) (75 minutes)
10.30 am
Bhagavad Gita Chanting** (45 minutes)
6.30 pm
Prenatal Yoga*
(60 minutes)
7.00 pm
Adults Yoga for Positive Health/Yoga Therapy (75 minutes)
Fall quarter classes starting Sep 9th 2017

* Note: Prenatal class is offered at 200 Cameron Ct, Milpitas CA.  

** Note: Bhagavad Gita chanting class is offered at 2237 Lacey Dr, Milpitas, CA

Note: Adults Yoga for Positive Health and Kids Yoga classes are offered at SDK, 3102 Landess Ave, San Jose

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Email: Classes@yogabharati.org

Phone: 408-341-YOGA (9642) Ext 107 (Milpitas)