Our Yoga FAQ 

We hope you take away a wonderful enriching experience of the world of Yoga from this course. If not already done, please pay online or write a check to Yoga Bharati and hand it over to the staff volunteers on the first day of your class/workshop/retreat or as suggested in the flyer/brochure.

Who are we?
We are a non-profit organization with an aim to spread holistic aspects of yoga towards health at physical, mental, social and spiritual levels of the individual and to achieve global health and peace.  We are associated with Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, a premier yoga university in Bengaluru, India and we bring evidence based yoga techniques to address various health conditions.

Who can join ?
Any person can join, there is no age limit. Important note: Please talk to the instructor first, if you have any medical problems

When to start ? 
You can start at any day of the week. After few weeks of learning, one should be able to practice yoga on his/her own.

Our mantras are positive affirmation of peace that wish health, happiness and harmony for the individual, society and for universe as a whole. We respect all religions and we believe that all paths lead to the same truth. One may pray to the choice of your God (Ishta Devata) or simply visualize a passive object such as a candle flame while chanting mantras. The vibrations of the mantras soothe and relax you and if you simply choose to listen, please do so.

We invite people of all faiths, orientations and traditions into our organization. We respect each individual’s belief related to God and divinity.  We chant syllables such as A, U, M and  AUM for relaxation and soothing vibrations. These are the Bija mantras or sounds without any meaning associated with them so that they can be used to calm down the mind and bring about total silence. We consider Aum as a simple syllable that helps in calming of the mind.  We also teach some peace chants in Sanskrit that wish peace and harmony to oneself and the universe. 

Some of the mantras we use are given below with meanings:

a)Opening peace chant
  AUM Sahanavavatu;
   sah nau bhunaktu;
  saha viryam karavavahai
  ma vidvisavahai
  AUM shantih, shantih, shantih

  May we both be protected (student and teacher)
 may we both be nourished
 may we become vibrant (by this practice)
 may our study be fulfilling
 Let there be no conflict between us
  AUM. Peace, Peace, Peace

 b)Closing peace chant

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Niramayah
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu
Ma Kashchit Dukha bhag bhavet


May all be happy;
May all be free from illness
May all behold what is auspicious
May none suffer from sorrow

Instructions before attending the classes

Suryanamaskar Mantra:

hiranmayena patrena
satyasyapihitam mukham
tat tvam pusann apavrnu
satya-dharmaya drstaye

O Sun, the sustainer of all that lives
You look like a dazzling golden disc, but you have the fire within you. 
Please uncover the golden lid (material pleasures) and show us the truth and the righteousness. 

What constitutes our yoga practice?
    - Peace Chants
    - Breath and Body synchronization
    - Loosening Practices and Sun Salutation
    - Asanas (Postures)
    - Pranayama (yogic breathing)
    - Relaxation   
    - Meditation
    - Concept of Asthanga Yoga per Patanjali Yoga Sutras
    - Concepts of Yoga as per Bhagavad Gita

Health-related instructions:

  • Yoga is preferably done with empty stomach. A light snack is okay in some cases. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a blanket / mat.
  • Women should avoid inverting poses or strenuous poses during their menstrual cycle.
  • People with back pain and hypertension should minimize their forward bending and any extreme poses
  • Important Note: Participants with any medical conditions should consult their doctors and then first talk to the Instructor before they practice yoga.

General Instructions for the class

  • Keep all the foot wear in order outside the class.
  • Take care to see that you don’t disturb the class. Turn your cell phones off.
  •  To enjoy the journey of yoga along with us, have a non-judgmental and a service attitude. If necessary, open the curtains, switch on the lights before the class starts. Close the curtains and doors, switch off the lights / heater before leaving. Help the organizers if chairs etc need to be cleared or some small cleanup work needs to be done.
  • Please read and sign our DISCLAIMER before attending the class.

Instructions while doing the poses:

  • Stop holding a pose and come to any relaxation pose if you experience any pain / giddiness.
  • Have normal breathing all through. Breathe through the nose. Don’t hold your breath unless explicitly instructed to do so.
  • In all the relaxation poses, close your eyes, collapse the whole body and observe the breath.


SuryaNamaskar Bija Mantras:
1. Om HrAm mitrAyanamah
2. Om HrIm ravayenamah
3. Om Hrum sUryAyanamah
4. Om HraIm bhAnavenamah
5. Om HraUm khagAyanamah
6. Om Hraha pUshNenamah
7. Om HrAm hiraNyagarbhAyanamah
8. Om HrIm marIchayenamah
9. Om Hrum AdityAyanamah
10. Om HraIm savitrenamah
11. Om HraUm arkAyanamah
12. Om Hraha bhAskarAyanamah

Questions or Feedback?

Write to us at: classes@yogabharati.org