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Young Yogi summer camp for kids

  • Classic Orchards, Nobel Residency, Royal Shelters Bengaluru (map)
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This 10 day summer camp included:

  • Sloka chanting - a brief sanskrit speaking class will be taken too

  • Dynamic Yogic warm ups specially designed for kids which are actually lot of fun

  • Breathing stretches to cool  down

  • Asanas

  • Simple Mindful relaxation

  • Pranayama , OM Chanting

  • Yogic games- Non competitive Group games(Physical and intellectual) to inspire team work, Co-operation and compassion

  • Mythology Storytelling

  • Bhajans

Facilitator: Roni Halder,Prabha Krishna


Several Kids participated in the yoga camp and they learnt many Yoga asanas, dynamic and fun warm ups, inspirational stories , several slokas and  Bhajan.  A finale was conducted for the parents on the last day and these kids showcased asanas, yoga formations and totally impressed the parents with well synchronised sloka chants and bhajan. Certificates were issued to them for the completion of the Young Yogi training.

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to Apr 3

Workshop on Yoga for back and Neck

Worshop covered
    •    Yoga special techniques for back and neck pain
    •    Understanding of pain from yoga texts
    •    Solution to the pain by simple special yogic practices to give relief
Who can attend
    •    People with acute, chronic back and neck pain, Sciatica pull, weak hamstrings
    •    Disc bulge in cervical and back region
    •    Stiff shoulder and nagging neck pain
    •    People who want to stregthen their core
Facilitators: Vijaya Hariharan, Madhav Gopal
People with sever back and neck pain participated and found the techniques useful to bring relief to their pain. A follow up of the practical class has been decided for August

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