Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) 2002 Inauguration Report

Yoga Teacher Training YICC 2002 Inauguration

Event in Sunnyvale, hosted by Yoga Bharati (
For immediate release – Oct 11th 2002

The City of Sunnyvale played host to a special function on the evening of October 11th. There is a growing need for certified yoga instructors, who, equipped with the right knowledge can reach out to the community members and spread the importance of inculcating Yoga in ones’ daily life. To meet this immediate need, Yoga Bharati in association with Vivekananda Maha Vidyalaya (VYOMA), i.e. Vivekananda Yoga University, undertook the challenging task of conducting a Yoga Instructor Certified Course (YICC). Swami Vivekananda Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA), the research wing of VYOMA, developed this comprehensive curriculum, easy enough for even the beginners to gain expertise in Yoga.

The grand inauguration of the YICC course took place on evening of Oct 11th at the Ponderosa Park Community Hall, Sunnyvale. Prominent personalities involved in the field of Yoga Research and Applications like Dr. Naras Bhat M.D (Cardiology), Dr. Raji Ayyar M.D (Oncology), and Smt. Pratichi Mathur (Ayurvedic Practitioner) were invited to grace the occasion. Lamp lighting marked the auspicious beginning of the wonderful evening program.

Dr. Naras Bhat initiated the proceedings by presenting the effect of emotions on human physiology. He demonstrated the deep-rooted connection between our mind and body utilizing medical apparatus and software graphology. To enhance the presentation, Dr. Bhat involved members from the audience in the presentation. They were asked to think about contrasting emotions like anger, and loving-kindness while he continuously monitored their heart patterns. The second part of the demonstration sought to show the relationship between our breathing rate and our emotions. According to Dr. Bhat, since Yoga can calm the mind and regulate the breathing rate, it can be a valuable tool in the therapy as well as the prevention of ailments.

Dr. Raji Ayyar currently employed in Kaiser Permanente talked about the application of Yoga in her personal practice. It was worthy to note that she recommends Yoga as a beneficial ancillary to other treatments opted by her patients. Last but not least, Smt. Pratichi Mathur emphasized the enormous value of integrating Ayurveda with Yoga to one’s approach to achieve holistic living. “We are the food we consume” as quoted by her stressed the need to monitor one’s diet. Their talks were a lesson in humility and respect bestowed on the science of Yoga.

After this wonderful presentation on the “Need for Yoga”, Shri Udaya Kiran gave a short synopsis of the YICC course. YICC includes 40 hours of rigorous Practice, 40 hours of in-depth Theory and 48 hours of hands on Field Practice and has been recognized as the flagship course of SVYASA to train instructors in the holistic science of Yoga. The involvement of the audience and their wholesome enthusiasm enhanced the spirit of the occasion. Exceeding expectations, 23 participants signed up for this unique weekends-only Yoga Instructor Certificate Course(YICC) starting on Oct 12th and ending in March.

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