Dr Nagendra VYASA 2013 Report

Aug 28th, 2013

Dr Nagendra Bay Area 2013

Yoga Bharati Bay Area Chapter was honored to host Guruji, Dr. H.R.Nagendra, the chancellor of SVYASA university, and Prof. Alex Hankey, the distinguished professor of Yoga and Physical Science, Bengaluru on April 26th and 27th. They met different institutions, groups and individuals for collaboration with VYASA regarding different yoga projects.

Prominent among them was Center for Spiritual Enlightenment where Rev O’Brian and group gave the campus tour to Guruji followed by a discussion session for a possible collaboration with VYASA through Yoga Bharati. Dr. Nagendra invited Rev.O’Brian and group for their upcoming INCOFYRA International Conference, this time on Diabetes and Yoga. Rev.O’Brian invited Dr. Nagendra to talk in their Yoga Hour radio show which is likely to happen some time Jan 2014. CSE is considering offering Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Bharati/VYASA.

Dr. Nagendra also visited Mt.Madonna and met his holiness, Baba Haridas and his team. He invited the team to visit Prashanti and also expressed his interest in collaborating with them for their research center on yoga and Ayurveda.

Guruji Dr. Nagendra gave a public program on Monday, Aug 26th evening 7pm at Sunnyvale temple on Yoga for Common Ailments. He explained how yoga would help slow down the mind (manomaya kosha), which in turn calms down the pranic body (pranamaya kosha) and physical body (annamaya kosha). He demonstrated the effects of yoga on various ailments using the results of research done in VYASA on various applications of yoga. He also talked about different projects that SVYASA has undertaken, the courses such as BNYS (Bachelor of Yoga and Naturopathy), PGDYT (Diploma in Yoga Therapy), Bsc, MSc and PhD in yoga therapy among other courses. He also invited folks to come over to Arogyadhama, the health center of SVYASA where people can get yoga practice or yoga therapy in a residential retreat setting.

Prof. Alex Hankey talked about his research on Astrology – Jyotish. He demonstrated the research being done at SVYASA regarding the influence of different planets such as Guru (Julpiter), Shani (Saturn) and Rahu & Ketu (Nodes of the Moon) on the growth of virus and bacteria. They have been studying the effect in vaccinations of animals at different Muhurts (under the influence of different planets). While the research is yet to be concluded, the results are amazingly repeatable and predictable so far, giving hopes about astrology’s effectiveness in daily life and its applications in health sciences.

Dr. Nagendra and Prof Alex Hankey participated in a formal dinner event where community leaders of different organizations connected to Yoga Bharati met. Leaders of Center for Spiritual Enlightment, Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh, International Association of Yoga Therapists, India Community Center, and more than 40 of Yoga Bharati volunteers attended the meeting. Dr. Nagendra explained various upcoming projects of VYASA, the current and future research of SVYASA. His Stop Diabetes campaign in Gujarat was received with great amazement and admiration. Many Yoga Bharati volunteers were inspired to increase their commitment to support VYASA/Yoga Bharati in their joint mission to spread yoga – Dr. Nagendra’s dream of achieving the vision of Swami Vivekananda – combining the best of the East with the best of the West.

Dr. Nagendra also met different community leaders separately. Prominent among them were Prof. Shyam Raoji, the most revered Music Maestro and teacher in the Bay Area, Prof. Madhu Thangavelu of USC, Mr.B.V.Jagadeesh, a well known and distinguished entrepreneur and Philanthropist in the Bay Area.

Yoga Bharati offers its heart-felt thanks to Dr. Nagendra and Prof.Hankey for their visit. This further enhances Yoga Bharati agenda of spreading holistic yoga to the American society. Guruiji’s dream of spreading the best of East with the best of West needs particular mention on this day where we are celebrating 50 years of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. A little poem by Ashwini Surpur offered to VYASA and to Guruji, Didi, Raghuramji and his team at VYASA on this special occasion using the terms from King’s speech:

They have a dream
To fulfill a dream
The dream of great men and women
The dream of Christ and the Buddha
The dream of the Paramahamasa
The dream of the sages of the Vedanta
The dream dreamt 50 years ago
The vision seen 150 years ago
The dream of the human excellence with no ego
In Prashanti – the hallowed spot
The palace of justice and tranquility
They have a dream

We have come to cash a check
Of the architects of Vedanta
Who spoke magnificent words
The constitution of spiritual freedom
And the declaration of inner Independence
A Promissory note to every Human to fall Heir
All men – black or white, brown or blonde;
The bank of Vedic wisdom
That is ever full and never bankrupt;
The great vault of spiritual grandeur
That is ever open and never shut;
Free for all – let us cash this check
Let us have a dream

They have a dream
They are walking their dream
They cannot walk alone, not for long
May we dream their dream
And walk along and dream along
Of reaching majestic heights
On the high plane of dignity and discipline
Meeting physical force with soul force
Amidst trials and tribulations
Spreading the message of peace
From the sages of the East
To every hill and mountain
Unmindful of the mountain of despair
Changing it into a stone of hope
Until we are free at last – free of desires!
Jai Martin Luther King Jr!