Yogabharati Group classes

 All the Yogabharati teachers follow a holistic format in their classes and which consists of :

  • Shaanti Prayer 
  • Breathing stretches
  • Loosening stretches
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Asanas - Awareness is given in the body an mind level emphasising on "STHIRAM SUKHAM ASANAM"
  • Pranayama practices 
  • Relaxation- Several relaxation techniques would be given so that the participants are completely rejuvenated. 
  • Meditation techniques- Twice in a month a special meditation practice would be taught to participants
  • Kriyas- Once in a month Kriyas like Trataka , Jala neti and Vaman dhouti would be done
  • Bhajans
  • Awareness and tips- Teacher would give interesting tips/ chant slokas/ lifestyle or healthy diet tips in each class for more health awareness.

Official centers of Yogabharati:

Here Yoga group classes, workshops, talks, satsanghs, courses  are held

 Educational center 1: #33, Phase 1,"Gayatri", Classic Orchards layout,

          Behind Meenakshi temple, OFF Banerghatta road, Bangalore- 76

HeadOfficeCenter 2: #47/B, "Isha vasyam",4th Main road,

        3 rd cross, Royal Shelters layout, Bangalore-76

Center 3:  #453, 6th cross"Yoga Vasishta", 

          Nobel residency colony, Chikkakammanahalli road, 

                      SOS post, Bangalore-76


Other apartments/layouts where  our Yogabharati Instructors/therapist  are taking classes:

1. SMP(Santara Magan Place) apartments, Near Maruti Dental college, Near nobo nagar

2. Jahnavi Enclave apartments, Bommanahalli, Bangalore-76

3. Vithola Apartment, Kalena Agrahara, Bangalore-76

4. Mayuri cultural academy, ISRO layout

5. Kristal Agate and Jasper campus, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore-35

6. Deeksha high school, Sakalvara

7. Nandi woods, Tejaswini nagar, Off Banerghatta, Bangalore-76

8. Eagle ridge layout, off Begur-Koppa road, Bangalore-78

9. Mantri Pride, Near Madhavan park, Jayanagar 1 st block.


What type of classes are taken here:

  1. Yoga for positive health- group classes
  2. Therapeutic yoga for people with health issues like diabetes, Neck and shoulder pain, Banck pain( acute to chronic), menstrual issues, wheezing and allergies, depression and anxiety issues
  3. Bala yoga- Kids above 7 yrs
  4. Special STHREE yoga batches
  5. Weekend FREE yoga session
  6. Gentle yoga for senior citizens and beginners in Yoga
  7. Specialise one on one sessions for people with severe health issues

Contact us if you require Yoga classes in your community: 08033512344


Personalised sessions:

  • Do you have specific health issues, injuries to have a one-on -one expert guidance from our certified  Yoga therapists?

  • Do you want a personal trainer for yourself/family at your convenient time at your home?

  • Do you have any specific need (only meditation/ breathing stretches/strengthen particular region of body/special relaxation techniques to destress/ dynamic stretches for fitness/prenatal /postnatal , etc that you wish to work on?
  • Does your child need special classes to work on improving physical stamina, cognitive skills, to learn to focus, to learn to calm down, for smooth puberty changes?
  • Get Expert guidance from our Chief Yoga therapist and Lifestyle consultant to review your health history/ health needs to book a specialised therapist at your home at your convenient time. 

With our one-on-one session , it allows you to have the flexibility to tailor the class according to the needs.  Our personalised sessions will help to improve your posture, release stress,pain, relieve from health issues completely, re-educate the entire muscular system bringing strength and flexibility into the body.

Our therapist are certified by doing either a graduation, post graduation or Doctorate in Yoga therapy  from the well acclaimed yoga university SVYASA. They are trained to heal people with health issues like acute,chronic back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, migraines,menstrual issues,epilepsy,varicose veins pain, plantar fascia,tennis elbow, golf elbow,gastric issues(acute to chronic), hypertension, Diabetes, asthma, allergic Rhinitis, skin allergies ,arthritis,etc.

Our therapeutic yoga class  comprises of appropriate research based specific yogic practices which includes

Breath: Taught to synchronise the breath with body movements to  harness the power of breath by being mindful to help you  manage emotional and energetic state, to relieve pain in specific areas, to improve lung stamina
Movement:  Appropriate stretches to improve physical health, strengthen muscles, improve muscle endurance,to heal the inflamed/injured cartilages, ligaments,to improve on flexibility and to balance the hormones . 
Connect: Yogic asanas  to connect to the body and mind and for overall strengthening
Focus: Balancing poses and Asanas to improve focussing skills, memory as well as to train the mind to relax even in the state of concentration. 
Relaxation: several types of  mindful relaxation techniques with instructions which reduces over stimulation , to relax all the muscles and the area of pain/injury, affirmations to release the negative emotions.
Kriyas: Specific Yogic cleansing practices to purify, detoxify,cleanse  internal organs , heal the body and mind

So,whether it is your working hours, health reasons or personal circumstances that hold you back from joining a Group yoga class, we deliver a highly professional service to your own home environment.



Contact Info:

Hotline : 08033512344 ( Office hours-9.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday)