Upcoming Events

  • "Breathe easy" Workshop to know the right way to breathe- On Saturday,March 10th
  1. Time: 10 am to 4 pm 
  2. One day workshop at # 33 phase 1,Classic Orchards,Behind meenakshi temple, banerghatta road,Blore-76
  3. Contact: vijaya@yogabharati.net for registrations or enquiries.
  4. Content: Understand the breath cycle and how to correct your breathing pattern which plays a crucial role in helping in several health issues.Pranayama and dee breathing practices also would be taught which could be done as an everyday routine.
  • Ongoing- YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE STARTED ON  OCT 11TH,2017-Next batch starting on JUNE 4TH
  • Connect to your inner self= Yoga retreat to a serene place on April 6,7,8 th
  • Bala Yoga camp - In the mont of April
  • Kids Residential Yoga retreat- On may 16 to 19th -Holistic camp for overall personality development at a serene ashram close by to blore.



Recent Past events- 2016


  • SURYATHON 2018- Rathasapthami event conducted at Lalbhaag grounds on Jan 27th,2018.Attended by 72 people.
  • "Yoga for your back "- A four day workshop to manage back pain was conducted in Dec 2017 and we had 19 participants.
  • YIC/YTT teacher training course started on OCT 10th, 2017-Batch is continuing
  • Yogabharati Navratri Utsav-October 20th to 28th - We had talks by Raghuramji, Jyoti trataka sessions in three centers with Bombe display.
  • Diabetes 10 day FREE Yoga camps- September 2017-Happened at ISRO ,JP nagar 2nd phase,Classic Orchards,Kumaraswamy layout, Gubbalala.Attended and benefited by about 50 Participants
  • Therapeutic Yoga training course for Diabetes for Yoga Instructors- Completed with 9 students
  • INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY-One week campaign with interesting events at 17 places in Bengaluru.Slideshow can be viewed -https://youtu.be/_-rjO6t9FnM
  • Kishora Samskara Shibira-Kids Holistic residential camp was held from May 16th to 18 th at Cauvery sannidhi Ashram,SriRangapatna.23 kids participated and it was a wholesome experience for kids with great feedback.https://youtu.be/Z-KTLFPAHHU
  • Bala Yoga Shibira- 10 day summer Yoga camp held at Vithola center and Classic center from May 1st to 12 th. It was a huge success where totally 26 kids were part of this and they were awarded certificates on completion
  • Yoga teachers training course Jan 2017 batch- Course completed for this batch. Internship remains
  • "Reawaken "- A weekend retreat at Cauvery Sannidhi Ashram which happened on Feb 18th, 19th. Photos at https://www.facebook.com/Yogabharati.bangalore/
  • Suryathon at Lalbhaag grounds on Feb 5th on the occasion of Rathasapthami. Slideshow at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8K3ik6Odko
  • YTT-200 Yoga teachers training Course is going on and would end in April 2017.
  • "Transform U" , a weekend retreat to Cauvery sannidhi ashram which was arranged on Nov 12 th and 13th,2016
  • Series of lectures conducted by Raghuramji at Gayatri center, Kyiv, Ukraine in association with Yogabharati. www.gayatri.com.ua
  • Guru Poornima celebrations at two centers by Raghuramji's talk on "Bhagavad Gita upadesha"
  • Yoga teacher's training course - 2016 batch completed.
  • International Yoga day Celebration On June 21st- It was celebrated in 7 areas of South Bangalore addressing 1500 people.

Held on 17h and 18th June, Yb center, Classic Orchards, BG road

  • Talk on " Health and Yoga " By Yogashree N.V.Raghuramji

at SMP apts, behind Meenakshi mall, off BG road

on 18th June at 4.30 pm

  • Talk on "Yoga for the modern world" by Raghuramji

at Yb center, Nobel Residency, Begur road

on 12 th June at 5.30 pm

  • Workshop on Yoga for back and Neck- On April 2nd and 3 rd,2016

at Yogabharati center, Classic Orchards

Workshop covered

  • Yoga Special techniques for back and Neck Pain

  • Understanding of Pain from Yoga texts

  • Solution to the Pain by simple Special Yogic practices to give relief

Who can attend:                                                                       

  • People with acute , chronic back and neck pain,Sciatica pull, weak hamstrings

  • Disc bulge in cervical and back region

  • Stiff shoulder and nagging neck pain

  • people who want to strengthen their core

Facilitators: Vijaya Hariharan, Madhav Gopal