Upcoming Events

  • YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE -Next batch starting on JUNE 4TH.Registrations open from APRIL 15th onwards.Send an email to info@yogabharati.net asap to register.
  • Seats limited to only 20.Get more details from https://yogabharati.org/bengaluru-teacher-training

Discover yourself with our unique Tranformational Yoga teacher training course. We are affiliated to the top most Yoga University SVYASA and we are also an Internationally Registered Yoga school(RYS200) providing RYT200 certification.

Benefits of doing the course with us-

-Process of self discovery and empowerment

- Understanding in detail several asanas, Pranayama,Relaxation techniques,Meditation techniques

-A Basic Holistic understanding of the philosophy of Yoga

-Understanding Yogic Stress management, prevention of stress related ailments

-Introduction to Anatomy and physiology of some of the major systems

- An understanding of the Anatomical Alignment of poses

-Improved health quotient in all levels in yourself in -physical,mental,intellectual,emotional and social

-Yoga philosophy and all concepts taught by experienced Faculty

- Detailed training in Yoga class sequencing,Teaching methodology so that you are empowered to be a professional Yoga instructor

- Transforming oneself by letting go of fear and all inhibitions and to be trained to be a teacher who would inspire others.


  • Bala Yoga camp - In the month of April.Contact us to know the details of camp happening in different centers.
  • Kids Residential Yoga retreat- On may 15 to 18th -Holistic camp for overall personality development at a serene ashram.

Recent Past events- 2016

  • Womens Wellness Awareness Week- Yogabharati had arranged several talks by eminent speakers with interesting topics on Yoga,Womens health in all aspects,etc through the entire week from March 5 th to 9 th.Attended by a total of 135 Women 
  • Breathe Easy workshop-was attended by 12 participants of varying ages from 14 yrs to 63 yrs.
  • SURYATHON 2018- Rathasapthami event conducted at Lalbhaag grounds on Jan 27th,2018.Attended by 72 people.
  • "Yoga for your back "- A four day workshop to manage back pain was conducted in Dec 2017 and we had 19 participants.
  • YIC/YTT teacher training course started on OCT 10th, 2017-Batch is continuing
  • Yogabharati Navratri Utsav-October 20th to 28th - We had talks by Raghuramji, Jyoti trataka sessions in three centers with Bombe display.
  • Diabetes 10 day FREE Yoga camps- September 2017-Happened at ISRO ,JP nagar 2nd phase,Classic Orchards,Kumaraswamy layout, Gubbalala.Attended and benefited by about 50 Participants
  • Therapeutic Yoga training course for Diabetes for Yoga Instructors- Completed with 9 students
  • INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY-One week campaign with interesting events at 17 places in Bengaluru.Slideshow can be viewed -https://youtu.be/_-rjO6t9FnM
  • Kishora Samskara Shibira-Kids Holistic residential camp was held from May 16th to 18 th at Cauvery sannidhi Ashram,SriRangapatna.23 kids participated and it was a wholesome experience for kids with great feedback.https://youtu.be/Z-KTLFPAHHU
  • Bala Yoga Shibira- 10 day summer Yoga camp held at Vithola center and Classic center from May 1st to 12 th. It was a huge success where totally 26 kids were part of this and they were awarded certificates on completion
  • Yoga teachers training course Jan 2017 batch- Course completed for this batch. Internship remains
  • "Reawaken "- A weekend retreat at Cauvery Sannidhi Ashram which happened on Feb 18th, 19th. Photos at https://www.facebook.com/Yogabharati.bangalore/
  • Suryathon at Lalbhaag grounds on Feb 5th on the occasion of Rathasapthami. Slideshow at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8K3ik6Odko
  • YTT-200 Yoga teachers training Course is going on and would end in April 2017.
  • "Transform U" , a weekend retreat to Cauvery sannidhi ashram which was arranged on Nov 12 th and 13th,2016
  • Series of lectures conducted by Raghuramji at Gayatri center, Kyiv, Ukraine in association with Yogabharati. www.gayatri.com.ua
  • Guru Poornima celebrations at two centers by Raghuramji's talk on "Bhagavad Gita upadesha"
  • Yoga teacher's training course - 2016 batch completed.
  • International Yoga day Celebration On June 21st- It was celebrated in 7 areas of South Bangalore addressing 1500 people.

Held on 17h and 18th June, Yb center, Classic Orchards, BG road

  • Talk on " Health and Yoga " By Yogashree N.V.Raghuramji

at SMP apts, behind Meenakshi mall, off BG road

on 18th June at 4.30 pm

  • Talk on "Yoga for the modern world" by Raghuramji

at Yb center, Nobel Residency, Begur road

on 12 th June at 5.30 pm

  • Workshop on Yoga for back and Neck- On April 2nd and 3 rd,2016

at Yogabharati center, Classic Orchards

Workshop covered

  • Yoga Special techniques for back and Neck Pain

  • Understanding of Pain from Yoga texts

  • Solution to the Pain by simple Special Yogic practices to give relief

Who can attend:                                                                       

  • People with acute , chronic back and neck pain,Sciatica pull, weak hamstrings

  • Disc bulge in cervical and back region

  • Stiff shoulder and nagging neck pain

  • people who want to strengthen their core

Facilitators: Vijaya Hariharan, Madhav Gopal