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Yogabharati s next event for Working professionals

Creating space for YOGA @Work

In this tailor-made workshop (half-day), let us focus on the areas of everyday life which affects our physical and mental condition. Do you know if you are healthy? To know more about the strategies to relax,the right posture,the right lifestyle, the right way to breathe and much more, join the workshop to stay and feel healthy. ' Way to a healthy lifestyle' can be our motto

ON SEPTEMBER 21 st,Saturday

Time- 9.30am -1 pm

Venue- Yogabharati center @ Arekere


Fees/Energy exchange: Rs.900 payable by online transaction


* 15 minute Yoga modules to practice at home/work

* Techniques to self relax

* Stretches to relieve back/neck/shoulder stiffness

* Practices to relax the nervous system and uplift you

* Tips on the right postures/lifestyle and much more

Registration : Email us at vidyaramani@yogabharati.net

Call us at : 9880471637


Recent Past events- 2018-19

  • Yoga teacher training course Weekend batch is going on

  • July 16th Gurupoornima celebration with a panel discussion on “Need of a Guru in One’s life”with distinguished speakers. Watch the panel on https://youtu.be/EZA5-MPWcl4

  • YB Womens Wellness awareness week -March 5-15 happened with a series of talks by expert women speakers on the subject of the four pillars of health-AHARA,VIHARA,ACHARA,VICHARA at our centers . Attended by several women for all the talks on the respective topics.This was recieved very well by many who found the talks very useful for them

  • Feb 16th, 2019 marked a significant event in the short history of YB. A day full of power packed inspiring talks by few eminent personalities from the field of medicine and ancient wisdom - Yoga. Stress, a routine ruiner, has taken over our lives for a change. How to revive and rejuvenate was the topic of the seminar. It was dealt with from an ancient perspective. The speakers walked us through the age old epics and related it with the current scenarios.We heard outstanding speeches from five speakers - Raghuramji ,Subramanyamji,Shama Maam , Ramakrishnaji And Dr Varambally. YB was blessed to have the presence of DR BR.Ramakrishna,Vice chancellor of SVYASA too in the event.

  • Suryathon on Rathasapthami-Jan 2019

  • Heal your backache with Yoga" a 2 day workshop on Understanding back pain, to learn special yogic practices to relieve pain and stiff back/neck-Happened on August 18th and 19th,2018.

  • 2018 Womens Wellness and Yoga Held at ISRO layout- About 16 women participated.

  • 2018 International Day of Yoga- Addressd about 8000 People of all ages in Bangalore.https://youtu.be/JTApu6xEyBs

  • 2018 Kids Residential Yoga camp in the month of may and April https://youtu.be/Ix6cRJY2w8Y

  • Womens Wellness Awareness Week,March 2018- Yogabharati had arranged several talks by eminent speakers with interesting topics on Yoga,Womens health in all aspects,etc through the entire week from March 5 th to 9 th.Attended by a total of 135 Women

  • Breathe Easy workshop,fEb 2018-was attended by 12 participants of varying ages from 14 yrs to 63 yrs.

  • SURYATHON 2018- Rathasapthami event conducted at Lalbhaag grounds on Jan 27th,2018.Attended by 72 people.