Sahanau Bhunaktu

May We Nourish - Sahanau Bhunaktu

Sahanau Bhunaktu
– Shri. N.V.Raghuram

Yogabharati is helping many yoga enthusiasts to improve their life style through yoga classes, therapy classes for various ailments, teachers training programs, satsangs and other periodical activities. Through the news letter Yoga Bharati will be able to a reach wider audience.

Yoga is a conscious process of going back to one’s nature. Hence the Sanskrit term for health is “swastha” – being myself – and the term aswastha – not being myself – is used to define lack of health. To be healthy and happy is our very nature. Due to different reasons, we have gone away from our health. Our lack of being conscious of it results in this drift. Yoga is a wonderful answer to come back to our nature since yoga builds that awareness and consciousness towards health and happiness.

As per the definition given in Kathopanishad – tam yogamiti manyante sthiram indriyadharanam – yoga is calming down the mind (senses). As Patanjali puts it – Chitta vritti nirodha – yoga is removing the modifications of the mind. Sage Vashistha says – Mana Prashamana upayah – yoga is a way to calm down the mind. All these great ancient authors conclude that yoga is a conscious process of bringing harmony to the mind through various means and at various levels of our personality. An integrated approach to yoga addresses health at the physical level through asanas, bandhas, kriyas, mudras; at prana level through pranayama; and at the emotional, intellectual or spiritual levels through meditation and other techniques.

Yoga is a conscious process of going back to one’s nature.

This concept of total personality nurturing and making life a celebration is the goal of yoga. The realization that we are not the body but the consciousness within, results in a clear discrimination and freedom to choose right things in life for self and for others. This way, yoga helps the individual move towards better harmony within and outside.

Of the several words of wisdom of sages which have inspired people, Yoga Bharati adapted the idea “SAHANAU BHUNAKTU..” may we nurture together which is taken from the famous mantra “Sahana vavatu”. Yoga Bharati brings courses such as Yoga Foundation and Yoga Teacher’s training from Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (VYASA) is one of the premier Yoga Universities and yoga research institute in India with its rich background in research on yoga and its healing effects for various ailments.

Modern society has a subtle misunderstanding that yoga is associated with a religion, a geographic area or a particular ethnic society. Hence there is an attempt to divorce yoga from its philosophy such as that given in Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Vasistha, Upanishads, etc. However, they belong to each other and yoga is essentially derived from its philosophy. At our satsangs, workshops and our Yoga Foundation/Teaching courses, we particularly emphasize on this aspect.

Shri N.V.Raghuram is the chairman and spiritual founder of Yoga bharati and Professor of Philosophy at SVYASA University in Bengaluru, India