Birth of a Mother - Prenatal Yoga

Birth of a mother, birth of a child
(by Debanjana Banerjee)

Prenatal Yoga and Happy Baby

Another Mother was born on Dec 2, 2013! A part of me felt ecstatic, nervous, complete and fulfilled and another part felt happy that a long pregnancy has come to a logical conclusion. After learning about my conception, I pledged to raise a good human being and to keep up to that promise, I made a baby step by enrolling into yoga classes (at Yoga Bharati).

To everyone’s surprise, after more than 48 hours of induction, I could gather all my strength to breathe strong enough to deliver the baby normally in 1.5 hours. The deep breathing techniques and stamina building postures came to my rescue; not to mention other pain management practices (most helpful in 3rd trimester). After every contraction my resolve grew stronger to put my body and determination to test. All along I kept remembering my yoga teacher’s words that “you won’t know your limit until you venture”.

Today as I see my smiling daughter and hold her to my chest, I can only thank Savita and Deepa (of Yoga Bharati) for teaching me the best yoga poses (veerabhadrasana, leg and knee rotations, vrikshasana, nadi shuddhi pranayams and shavasana) thereby helping me bring a happy and healthy child to this world! It was their guided yoga practice that motivated me to continue the routine until 42nd week of my pregnancy.

I wish that all moms-to-be practice yoga and bring a happy and beautiful child to this lovely world! As they say….”let’s not raise our children to be tough to face a tough world; rather, let’s raise (from inception) a beautiful child to make this a more beautiful world”…God believed and hence entrusted us with this job!

Debanjana is a CPA by profession, loves to do Yoga. She is a passionate volunteer at Yoga Bharati helping with Accounting and Taxes. She also volunteers at another non profit organization as a Treasurer.