Project Vision

Yoga for Vision Improvement in Children - Institutional Report

Yoga for Vision - Kids

Statistics: Urgency of the cause
• According to Visionquest2020 > 5 million elementary school children have vision problems (US)
• Observations – One out of every 20 preschooler has vision problems (US)
• Time Magazine – 90% of the Asian schoolchildren (China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore) are shortsighted

Causes for vision impairment
• Heredity Disposition
• Too much of mental & visual focusing: Modern amenities, computer, iPads, iPhones and TV – Creating E-smog
• Packed schedules & mental stress
• More of indoor activities [@school & home] and less of outdoor activities in natural bright light
• No activities to induce mental relaxation-rest – healthy self-caring behavior

A glimpse at Project Vision

Active Therapies: 
Yoga and eye exercise therapies for eyesight improvement
Passive Therapy Recommendations: 
• Ayurveda treatments
Recommendations on lifestyle changes such as:
• Diet recommendations
• Herbs
• Massage
• Functional foods
• Supplements

Goals (Scope of our Yoga Program) 
1. Prevent and Manage non-birth related vision impairment issues in children
• Myopia (Short sightedness)
• Hyperopia (Long sightedness)
• Astigmatism
• Cross or Lazy Eyes
• To improve vision, memory and concentration
2. Improve symptoms of Allergy/Asthma through Stress management techniques
3. Improve lifestyle – Focus, concentration, relaxation & sleep
4. Promote Traditional therapies that have shown evidence of work

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