Gentle Restorative Yoga using props

- yoga for chronic disorders, seniors and simply for stress management

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Yoga is effective, time-tested, and holistic approach to optimizing your health along with getting timely medical treatment. The comprehensive mind body approach of yoga empowers you to stay active and to lower anxiety and stress. We offer a variety set yogic tools and techniques to address your individual health needs.  

  • We invite any individuals who are looking at a gentle stretch and restore routine yoga practices.

  • Most of our practices are done on the chair, and on the mat in Supine poses.

  • We also invite seniors looking for a positive health and a social circle to join us. This program is also suitable for healthy seniors or for those with health conditions such as arthritis and other degenerative disorders as well.

  • You may join simply to get deeper benefits of yoga.

  • When you register please mention Gentle Yoga in the special workshop area.

  • When you pay through paypal, please mention south bay Gentle Yoga.

Upcoming workshops in 2019

Starting Jan 8th onwards and offered as ongoing classes

Days: Tuesdays/Thursday 4.30 to 5.40 pm 

Location: 20445 Prospect Rd Suite #1, San Jose, CA, 95129


Monthly - $85, Seniors discounted rate: $55 (35% off)

3 months - $226, Seniors discounted rate: $145 (35% off)

1 year - $678, Seniors discounted rate: $440 (35% off)

** Limited Spots **

Please write to us if you are interested with subject Yoga and Happy Circle for Seniors

We need minimum 5 registrations to start this workshop.



Phone: 408-341-YOGA (9642)