What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is effective, time-tested, and holistic approach to optimizing your health along with getting timely medical treatment. The comprehensive mind body approach of yoga empowers you to stay active and to lower anxiety and stress.

Yoga Bharati therapy offerings are based upon 30 years of research in yoga and its application for various diseases. Yoga helps you:

  • Handle musculoskeletal pain

  • Improvement in overall health

  • Awareness of diet and lifestyle to keep you active and healthy

  • Reduced dependency on medications, and improved quality of life

  • Overall sense of well-being

Acceptance with awareness is the key to happiness amidst adverse situations in life and yoga helps you with this.

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Yoga as Therapy - Our Approach

 We focus on individual needs, understand their health goals and offer them right package of classes so you optimize your time spent in our center.  We  provide yoga as intervention and lay focus on your needs.  

Our Yoga Intervention program could involve:

  1. Yoga Therapy Consultation before you start your yoga practice.

  2. Induction and orientation with yogic concepts.

  3. Yoga classes with different focus and at different days/times for your convenience.

  4. Home practice kit for you to practice at home on the days you cannot attend a class.

  5. Follow-up sessions to make sure your needs are met, your concerns are addressed and adjustments made to equip you with optimum practice techniques and concepts.

Yoga Applications

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Our Class Offerings