Yoga Bharati Bengaluru

Dr.Shamanthakamani Narendran- Advisory member

After completing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Mysore University (Karnataka), in 1955 Dr. Shamanthakamani Narendran went on to get her Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health (DCH) from Royal College of London (UK), in 1960. She worked in various hospitals at UK before returning home in 1961. She got her Doctorate in Medicine (MD) in Pediatrics from Karnataka University, in 1967. She was elected Fellow of Indian Academy of Medical Specialties (FIAMS), in 1985. While practicing pediatrics, she took the opportunity of correspondence course from Mysore Open University and got her Master of Arts (MA) in Kannada, in 1992. Her thirst for knowledge did not end there. Her interest in spiritual learning and in the philosophy of yoga made her work for Master of Arts (MA) in Philosophy from Bangalore University, in 1997 and she is a recipient of H.C. Khincha Memorial Gold Medal. After this she went on to do her Diploma in Journalism from Mysore University, in 1998. At the age of 75 she took her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Yoga Science for her thesis work on Efficacy of Integrated Approach of Yoga on Outcome of Pregnancy from Bangalore University, in 2006.

She was consulting at Republic Hospital, in Bangalore for over 25 years and Gunasheela Surgical & Maternity Hospital, Bangalore for over 30 years. 

Yogashree Prof. N.V.Raghuram-Chairman and Spriritual Founder

Yogashree N.V. Raghuram ,is a student of yoga and spirituality from early childhood. From early on during his student years, he had a vision that he would work for about ten years to earn his livelihood and the rest of the time he can pursue and give spiritual knowledge to the needy.  True to his vision, he worked as an engineer in various sectors for little more than ten years before he resigned from the job.  He has devoted his life to a cause he strongly believes in – the spread of holistic approach to yoga and the spread of spiritual knowledge all over the world.

  In the late 70s he attended yoga shibir at Kanyakumari where he studied and gained deeper knowledge of Upanishads and Gita from ASN Sastry. From 1980 to 2015 he was honorary volunteer for VYASA and VYASA University Bengaluru where he served as a Professor of Spiritual studies.   As an international ambassador for sVYASA, Raghuramji has been traveling the globe for the past three decades guiding research projects in England, Germany Turkey and in Houston Texas in addition to training hundreds of teachers and motivating thousands of lives.

v He started a spiritually oriented yoga organization YOGABHARATI in Cupertino California, which has branches in several parts of USA such as Detroit LA Seattle San Diego, Calgary in Canada and Istanbul in Turkey and in India at Bengaluru and Chennai

v He has conducted hundreds of Yoga Teachers Training Courses, thousands of Corporate Stress Management Workshops and Yoga Therapy Workshops both in India and abroad

v He has introduced Yoga Therapy and Research in KWA Stift Rottal Neurological Clinic in Germany and Memorial heart hospital in Istanbul Turkey.

v He initiated a prestigious cancer research project in MD Anderson Cancer research center Houston USA along with Dr. Lorenzo Cohen.

v vv He has published Research papers in Indexed Medical Journals.

It is a long list of achievements and his involvement in several organisations, yoga centers all around the world. 

Prabha Krishna- Secretary, Chief Yoga therapist


Prabha is a multi faceted personality who combines ancient wisdom with contemporary thinking in all of her endeavor. She completed her MPharm in 2002 and was headed into the corporate world when providence struck and her lifelong connect with the ancient sciences commenced. She got connected to Yogabharati, Bay area in the year 2002 and then her Yoga journey began where she saw people healed by Yoga and not by medicines and her interest kindled by Raghuramji’s lectures.. Almost immediately, she found her calling and passion in life and has committed the rest of her life to spreading Yogic awareness and knowledge to heal, nurture and enrich lives. She was the student of the first batch YIC of Yogabharati,US chapter.After completion,she started taking classes at Yogabharati centers in Bay area and was actively involved in all the events .

She went on to complete her Certificate in Yogic Sciences and Therapy from SVYASA,Bangalore and began conducting classes and therapy workshops across Bangalore in Atmayaan International Yoga academy, Ayush Ayurvedic center, and SVYASA centers,I-CUE children center, Active canvas center. She has over 15 years of in-depth experience in conducting customized workshops ,programs in the field of research based Yoga therapy. In addition, she is an expert in the field of Pre-Natal Yoga and has eased several expectant mothers with high risk pregnancy towards a smooth delivery under the guidance of Dr.Latha Venkatram and Dr.Nagaratna. Later on she took a special training in Vinyaasa yoga and Bihar school of yoga from Atmayaaan wellness academy. She was the first person in Bangalore who started this concept of "Story time Yoga" for kids in varying ages and her interest in mythology stories with the ancient Yoga has been very popular till now. She is also a certified RYT200 teacher approved by Yoga alliance.

Her interest to be part of social causes inspired her to be part of more organisations very closely- Disha,Gayatri Trust,KVIK,Sahasra DeepikaShe conducts yoga and lifestyle talks,classes, dynamic and fun kids yoga session, dramatics for the kids.

Prabha’s passion for healing led her to take up an acupressure course under the auspices of Dr. Devendra Vora . Her passion for cooking, baking ,healthy eating and lifestyle motivated her to start the Yogabharati blog.  Her integrated and holistic approach to healing has proved to be extremely effective as vouched by her participants. Her thirst for knowledge to know more about healing via alternative medicine has motivated her to pursue an intensive course on Doctor in Alternative medicine(D.M-A.M)specialising in Dietetics, Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Oriental diagnosis. 

 She is now the Secretary, Chief Yoga therapist and Lifestyle consultant of Yogabharati ,India and has established several centers, conducted  mass events  workshops, training courses across Bangalore. She has also established a consulting practice where she interacts with several participants and designs integrated lifestyle programs that combine Yoga, Diet and Nutrition. Her vision is to see a healthy and peaceful humanity where people have  more openness to learn and pass the knowledge to others.

Vijaya Hariharan- Academic Head


 Samatvam Yoga Uchyate’, has been her favourite Yoga definition from B.Gita. YOGA has made her life more balanced; Balance at the personal , social and spiritual levels. Her initial exposure to yoga was in 1991 at The Yoga Institute Mumbai, at a nasal allergy camp. Having had nasal allergy since childhood, she was looking for an alternative cure after an ENT specialist told her she had to live with this problem. Having qualified as a cost accountant and about to join the corporate world, she felt she did not want to live with this problem. The yoga camp was an eye opener and she realised that the ‘mind had a powerful role to play in how the body behaved’. Her first lesson in yoga was a concept from Patanjali’s yoga sutra ‘Anitya bhava’.  ‘Change is life’ are we prepared for it. Most of us are comfortable with the routine and any change makes us feel uncomfortable. But life is full of changes , if we accept it and go with the flow , we come out as a more mature and harmonious being, else we are always complaining and irritating. The simple breathing techniques and the kriya practices helped her overcome her nasal allergy . She had over 12 years experience in the corporate world in the area of Internal audit and control and MIS and budgeting.

Later after moving to Bangalore, she did her YIC, PGDYT from SVYASA and has been teaching since 2003 . Her classes are holistic in approach with emphasis on mindfulness, breath awareness and follows the principles of Ashtanga yoga. She was one of the senior yoga therapists at Ayush ayurvedic center, Atmayaan wellnes academy, VYASA centers. She specialises in prenatal yoga and Therapeutic yoga session. She has been part of YB since 2014 and a part of Teachers Training Team and has conducted workshops on health issues in several centers of Yogabharati. Her bhakti yoga sessions as well as the chanting sessions are something extraordinary. She specialises in teaching the streams of yoga, Kriyas, Pranayama and various philosophies of Yoga and thus is aptly selected to be the Academic Head of Yogabharati

She is the Academic head and the Senior Yoga therapist of Yogabharati. She is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher approved by Yoga Alliance.

With emphasis on holistic Yoga, her aim is to guide participants into a deeper awareness of YOGA as a way of life which will also help promote a peaceful and harmonious society

Vishwajith Krishnamurthy-Chief Coordinator and Sanskrit Acharya

Vishwajith is a RSS pracharak since his teenage years as his family is also widely connected to this dynamic Organisation. He did his schooling in Gurukula near Shringeri and thus was exposed to Sanskrita, scriptures and developed a keen interest in learning deeper in Upanishads. The spark which was lit in this traditional schooling motivated him to do a Graduation in Yoga and consciousness in VYASA. He connected more closer to Dr.Subramani and Swami Visharadanandaji in this time period and is still learning more concepts of the scriptures in Cauvery Sannidhi Gurukula. His strength in character is his attitude towards work. He has that in his genes to do Seva for the organisation in which he truly believes in the vision.  His knowledge in Sanskrit slokas, grammar is inspiring and he is also the faculty for our courses as the Sanskrita acharya. 


Dr. Shubha Chetan (B.A.M.S , PGDYT )

 Dr. Shubha Chetan is a vibrant enthusiastic person in nature. Her smile is therapeutic to all who attend her classes and she is popular among the Yoga participants for her meditation sessions. Her voice is so melodious and soothing that it is a pleasure to hear her singing bhajans with such devotion and Bhaava. She is an Ayurvedic doctor by profession and has an experience of consulting and counseling individuals for the past 10 years.  She wanted to enhance healing for patients through Yoga, which is an integral part of Ayurveda. She specialises in yoga therapy for multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, astigmatism.  Through her experience, she has witnessed therapeutic effects of yoga and its vast scope as a complementary mode of treatment.

She is the Senior yoga therapist and the faculty member of Yogabharati for all the courses.

Yoga to her is an inner journey to spirituality. 

Shree  Raksha Bhide [ ,, Yoga Therapy]

 Shree Raksha had been exposed to the practice and philosophy of yoga since her childhood.  During her graduation, she had the opportunity to conduct a Personality Development and Yoga camp for children, in a Yogashram in Mangalore.  Through this camp, she rediscovered her innate passion for Yoga. After her graduation in commerce, she worked in the corporate sector for a while.  It was during this phase she realized she had to pursue her passion and came across the M.Sc Yoga Therapy course offered by S-VYASA.  She is currently pursuing her M.Sc research work with NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Raksha also has a passion for music and plays the Bansuri (Indian Flute).  

Yoga to her is the Universe’s expression of love and happiness.

Roni Halder

Roni is an enthusiastic Yoga Instructor who has been practicing Yoga since he was 4 yrs old. Coming from a family in West Bengal , He got exposed to yoga by joining a Yoga class as a child in a nearby Yogashram. He became so interested in Yoga asanas that he participated 5 times in National Yoga competition under Indian Yoga Federation and has secured First (2014)and Second place twice . He has been trained in Ashtanga yoga, Vinyaasa style as well as research based yoga techniques from VYASA. He has done his graduation in yoga from VYASA and has high hopes on enrolling for Msc in Yoga. 

His sessions are full of energy with his impeccable instructions.Due to his foundation in ashtaanga yoga, his classes have a touch of Vinyaasa with a wonderful combo of the Yogabharati holistic format. 

His expertise to connect to kids makes him a unique Kids Yoga teacher. Kids adore and respect him and by is guidance they learn slokas, bhajans, patriotic songs, Asanas and Pranayama with lot of interest and at ease.He has influenced and motivated several kids to learn Yoga and with his positive and vibrant attitude, he aims to motivate as many kids to give them a holistic understanding of yoga.

He is at present taking adults Yoga classes, Kids classes at Deeksha high school  , Bala yoga at several places.


Madhav Gopal   

Madhav has done his Masters in Computers and networking from Greenwich univ, UK. He was in the software industry for a while and his destiny just completely changed when by chance he visited SVYASA during one of his India visits. He got so enamoured with the Yogic philosophy and therapeutic benefits that he took the bold step of leaving his corporate lifestyle to a Saatvik yogic way. He joined SVYASA just like a participant to experience and then joined as a student to do the basic Foundation course. He then joined Yogabharati in the year 2013 and became a very popular Yoga instructor . His teaching style is flawless and by the encouragement from all his team members , he then did the advanced therapy course and became a yoga therapist. His undiluted passion in Yoga  inspired several people.

His journey in Yogabharati has been fruitful where his experience in the corporate proved an advantage to his professionalism in yoga teaching. He has taken several workshops in the field of back pain and stress management. He has worked as Yoga therapist in Doha to represent Yogabharati and became a popular figure among Indians there. He is right now the Senior yoga therapist of Yogabharati taking personalised therapy session, group therapy & as a faculty for the teacher's training course.

His motto is " to motivate people to find their inner self and to heal people with the power of Yoga"