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About Yoga Bharati Los Angeles Chapter


Vice PresidentSanjay
Web CoordinatorNachi


Yoga Classes

Around LA area we conduct various Yoga classes. Please check our Classes page for up to date detail.

Yoga Therapy

Now we offer private consultation by Certified Yoga Therapists around Los Angeles area.

Sharad Dandekar - Certified Yoga Therapist
Sharad is a registered member of Yoga Alliance at RYT200 level. In 2014 Sharad completed training in ‘Stop Diabetes Movement’ (SDM) program and since then has conducted several Yoga camps for ‘SDM’, in cooperation with ‘SEWA’ (US based non-profit community organization). Sharad is one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Chapter of Yoga Bharati.

After completing certification requirement of ‘International Association of Yoga Therapist’ in 2017, Sharad is now a ‘Certified Yoga Therapist’. Since then he has treated patients who have been suffering from ‘so called modern ailments’. Most of the modern ailments are ‘Non-Communicable’ and ‘Non-Bacterial’ diseases. Unfortunately modern health system does not offer effective relief for these ailments. Yoga can offer relief for these ailments through adjustments.

Sharad Continues to conduct Yoga class, to conduct SDM workshops, and to practice as ‘Yoga Therapist’.

For additional information please call: 818-903-4927 or 818-437-4415

SDM - Stop Diabetes Movement

Yoga Bharati in cooperation with SEWA International conducts 10 day workshop called ‘STOP DIABETES MOVEMENT’ (SDM)

What is SDM?

  • Program Goal: Diabetes prevention and management
  • A total of 20 hours practice sessions and theory, two hours per day for continuous 10 days, Yoga workshops. This thirty year research based program is designed by S-VYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru.
  • The program is delivered under the supervision of trained & certified Yoga Instructors/Yoga Therapists

Workshop outline:

  • Yoga postures and stretches
  • Breathing and relaxation
  • Presentations to understand relation of stress and modern ailments
  • Management of stress through Yoga practices
  • Diet and nutrition for better management of Diabetes