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From Dharma to Moksha

There are four pillars mentioned in ancient texts of Vedanta – They are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. What does this mean?

Dharma or righteousness is the foundation of life. We should follow ethical living. After this comes Artha and Kama – money and enjoyment of material pleasures. Our ancient sages never suggested that we give up the pleasures of life. But we should not give up ethics for pleasures. 

As long as we are not causing Ahimsa, meaning, hurting others in the process, it is okay to have wealth and comforts. While enjoying life, we should also remember to do Daana or giving to the unprivileged. Wealth is as much for sharing as it is for consuming.

Having lived a dharmic life, we should also keep one goal and that is Moksha or liberation from the bondage of life.

Upanishads say:


ahimsa satyamaasteyam shauchamindriyanigrahah |
daanam damo dayaa kshhaantih sarveshhaam dharmasaadhanam.h ||

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