Tip of the Day

Sustaining Yoga Practice in a busy lifestyle

Taking up yoga or any practice is easy but to sustain it with regularity is difficult.

Here are some tips so yoga becomes your life style.

When you are juggling various things, give yoga an uninterrupted timeslot everyday. Timeslot can be adjusted based on your schedule for that day.. But having decided the time interval, deeply go into the practice for that time even if it is just 5-10 minutes.

The benefits of yoga will fuel the longing for practice day after day and hopefully it will become a part of your life, which you do not want to miss. Sometimes social and family needs may throw you off your practice for a couple of days. But please do not give up.

On the day you miss yoga, choose any regular activity and perform it with a yogic state of mind, the same relaxed way,hinn like you do your Yoga practice. You will have realized that yoga is not just a set of Asanas you practice everyday, but any activity, done well with relaxation and alertness.

Yoga should be an easy and natural part of our lifestyle rather than a discipline imposed upon us.

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