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Yoga – Living in the Current Moment

Patanjali, the father of yoga, defined yoga as “Yogaschitta vrutti nirodhah”. This means yoga is the process of gaining control over the mind. By so controlling the mind we reach our true state and then, we will live in the current moment. Remember, most of the time, we live either in our memories or in anticipation of the future – never in the current moment. Past memories – even good ones, bring pain alone because when the past is gone, we have a sense of loss. What to talk about the bad memories….

Yoga is a systematic conscious process of developing all round positive health. Personality development happens at the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

Yoga is not about complicated postures. It is all about practicing with total awareness and learning to live in the current moment!

Do you practice yoga? Please do.


Disclaimer: Yoga is not a substitute for your medication, but is only a complementary therapy. Please consult your doctor for your condition. Consult your doctor about practicing yoga.

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