Yoga as Fitness (Concept)

  Stability of the hip and spine joints and strength of the core muscles defines your basic fitness. Cardio endurance and lung capacity defines your health and stamina. Our special workshop of Morning and evening options will prepare you for both. 

Yoga classes taught by our passionate teachers
Fitness Protocol designed specially for Advancing in Yoga

Yoga as Fitness?

  • Yoga has a profound influence on all the systems of the body and it is not just muscle stretching.  Yoga helps optimum functioning of nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive systems.
  • Helps loosen the joints and muscles in the body, helps with weight loss, vitalizing the entire body, sharpening the mind and reaching optimal health.
  • Yogic practices such as Surya Namaskar is a very effective cardiovascular exercise and the continuous variability of muscle length during a flow of 10 postures reducing the probability of the types of injuries typically seen in other forms of aerobic activity.
  • Yoga improves our body awareness and improves overall quality of life.
  • Mindfulness practices such as Shavasana provide wakeful sleep — Yoga Nidra. It helps bring awareness to the body and provides complete rest to the entire body and mind with all its inner organs and faculty of thinking.
  • When practiced in a community setting, the overall synergy and good will helps the entire community to bind together for a good cause and to work for the society’s well being. 

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