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We offer FREE and paid workshops, kids camps, yogic cleansing kriyas on a regular basis. Our lifestyle workshops are brought about by senior yoga therapists, Ayurveda specialists and experts from the field of yoga and holistic healthcare providers. We routinely offer yogic neti kriyas to help people with allergies and asthma. We conduct special pranayama and medication workshops for deepening the experience in yoga practice.


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of healing and wellness through proper diet, lifestyle and herbs when necessary for correcting our imbalances. Ayurveda helps us alter the lifestyle practices such as diet, exercises and yoga to adjust to changing seasons and to keep ourselves healthy throughout the year. Understanding the concepts such as basic body types, the seasons, and circadian rhythm and its influence on our doshas is the key to healthy living. Come and explore our workshops on Ayurveda. We have collaboration with Yogaksema USA to offer Ayurveda Consultations for healthy living, Ayurvedic cleansing and detox programs, Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara, Kati Basti and other such techniques for pain management, anxiety and other health conditions. Visit the online link for booking services at:


Aikhan  at the  German language Wikipedia

Aikhan at the German language Wikipedia


Kriyas are special yoga cleansing techniques meant to cleanse the inner organs. Developed by the yogis over many centuries, kriyas or shat kriyas are primarily six techniques of cleansing different parts of the body. We also have other cleansing practices in yoga such Viparita Karani and pavanamuktasana kriya.

• Trataka for eyesight

• Neti for upper nasal track

• Kapalabhati for lower respiratory track

• Dhouti for gastro intestinal tract

• Nauli (or Angi Sara Kriya) for abdominal viscera

• Basti (or Laghu Shanka Prakshalana)  for lower Gastro intestinal tract

One or all of the above can be practiced under the guidance of a teacher in a Yoga class.

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