Go Vegan - 21 Day Challenge during Yoga Yajna

Vegan Milk - Humane Milk

Vegan Milk - Humane Milk

Cow Milk is the best form of nutrition. But when? When you have a A2 cow in your backyard, you feed grass, take her for the pasteurs, pet her, develop bondage with her, breed her, take care of her calf, and so on, yes, milk is good for you. She becomes your mother. We don't drink milk from multiple mothers. Do you have such a cow? If not, think of becoming a Vegan, at least for 21 days, as a part of Yoga Yajna and your little contribution to the idea of International Day of Yoga. The first yama of yoga is Ahimsa. So let us start with this. 

The idea of Cow as a mother is a noble idea of Hindus. Cow is the mother that nourishes us. But when cows are abused and overused, they are no longer able to meet the greed of the children.  If Sri Krishna was here today, he would be Vegan, for health reasons, for humanity and environment reasons; and for spiritual reasons as well. 

Try for 21 days, Read the below article about A1 and A2 cows and the health problems of diary consumption:

Below is one tip for those who consume Indian diet. We will be happy to share other culture's typical days ! Do share with us.

A Typical Vegan Day (From Madhulika of Preetirang Sanctuary)


You can have cereal with soy/almond/cashew/coconut milk OR smoothie made of fresh fruits and vegetables (like spinach or kale).

Lunch/Dinner (Indian Dieters)

  • Roti or curd rice made with one of the vegan yogurts, any curry, like Aloo Gobi or Palak Tofu (instead of palak paneer) or any such vegetable curry 
  • A small salad w/dressing made of lemon juice, salt, pepper. A small fruit salad. Some sprouted daal or chana or rajma 
  • Try to include a fruit salad and/or a veggie salad in your lunch and/or dinner
    • For Fruit salad try to include at least banana, orange and apple, and/or add other seasonal fruits
    • Veggie salad can contains at least onion, cucumber, tomato with salt, pepper, lemon juice;  sometimes I add carrots, green/red/yellow pepper, zucchini. 

Below are pictures of Cultured milk, unsweetened & unflavored milk is great for cooking,

Tips for Indian cooking:

  • Kadhi can be made with besan and cultured milk (such as Forager Cashewgurt)
  • raita and curd rice can also be made with cultured milk.
  •  Silk and Kite Hill yogurt can be used for cooking. 
  • Cream cheese may be used on bagels for snack. There are many different manufacturers such as Kite Hill.
  •  Tofutti Sour cream can be used for Mexican dishes, along with vegan cheeses.
Vegan Challenge for Yoga Yajna - Yogurt
Vegan Challenge for Yoga Yajna Yogathon
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