Yoga Teachers Training (RYT-200/YTT 200)

Yoga Instructors/Foundation Course (YIC/YFC)

(Bay Area Chapter)

We are a registered Yoga Alliance RYT-200 school

Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga Instructors Course (YIC) is a yoga teachers training program that prepares the student to teach holistic yoga in the community. This course integrates the various aspects of yoga such as asanas, pranayama, kriyas, meditation techniques and the very essence of yogic literature along with philosophy into a holistic composite – thus enabling the student to understand and impart the knowledge of yoga in its entirety. Yoga Bharati conducts Yoga Teachers Training every year in the Bay Area from March to May.

Along with yoga practice techniques, we provide a depth in yogic philosophy from the ancient scriptures of Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. We are affiliated to Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation (SVYASA), Bangalore, a premier Yoga University in India.

Yoga Bharati is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance (RYS 200). After completing the course, one can sign up with Yoga Alliance to become RYT-200.

YIC 2016 Announement

We are pleased to announce our annual Teachers training course, YFC/YIC200. YFC is our Yoga Foundation Course and YIC 200 is a RYT200 certified course through Yoga Alliance. Listed below are details of the Information Session and the course itself.


Information Session
Date: Feb 7th, 2016
Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Yoga Bharati center, 20445 Prospect Road, Suite #1, San Jose CA 95129
In this session we provide detailed information about the course, fees structure, dates, pre-requisites, certification requirements and more. We highly encourage prospective students to attend this session and clarify any questions they may have before signing up for the course. Prospective students can also register for the course at this session.

Inauguration Ceremony
Date: March 13th, 2016
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Shreemaya Krishnadham (Bay Area Youth Vaishnav Parivar or BAYVP), 25 Corning Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035

YIC200 Course schedule

Module 1 – Intensive Weekend Course
Dates: March 5th – May 29th, 2016
Days/Times: Every Saturday and Sunday morning from 8am – 12:30pm

Yoga Retreat
Dates: March 18th- 20th, 2016
Location: Sivananda Yoga Farm, Grass Valley CA

Course Fees
YIC200 – $1950 for RYT certified course; includes yoga retreat for the student, all Yoga Bharati workshops for RYT completion if taken by March 2017. Any workshops taken after March 2017 will incur separate fees.
YFC – $1300 for 3 month course and retreat
YFC Workshop package – $1500 for 3 month course, retreat and all Yoga Bharati workshops upto March 2017.
Early Bird Discount of $50 applies to all students who register and pay fees or $1000 deposit on or before Feb 7th, 2016.
Other Discounts – $100 Student Discount (under 18 or adult with valid student ID); $100 Senior discount (60 or above on March 5th); $50 Family discount per family member registering this year. Any one of these discounts can be combined with the early bird discount.

7630, Kirwin Lane
Cupertino, CA-95014


Detailed Curriculum of YIC - scroll down.

Detailed Curriculum of Yoga Teacher Training

About YIC (also known as YICC)

YIC is a certificate program designed by Viveknananda Yoga Research Foundation VYASA (also known as SVYASA), which is a premier Yoga University in Bengaluru, India. Based on 25 years of in-depth study in the field of yoga and spirituality VYASA has published many research papers on yoga and its therapeutic applications. Our goal is to combine the best of the West (modern scientific research) with the best of the East (yoga and spirituality) in making our Yoga Teachers Training , a unique program.

The student will be systematically trained in the techniques of yoga and to begin his/her own journey of self-awareness and development.

About YFC

Yoga Foundation Course (YFC) is a subset of Yoga Teachers Training meant for people who are looking for in-depth knowledge of yoga and its philosophy for their personal interests. This course enables them to practice yoga with deeper awareness, hence enhancing the benefits of yoga.

Benefits of the course

  • Greater self-awareness and consciousness
  • Ability to synergize one’s mind, body and soul
  • Holistic understanding of the philosophy of yoga
  • Stress management, prevention of stress related ailments
  • Introduction to anatomy, Sanskrit and Ayurveda
  • Improved memory, creativity & calmness through pranayama, meditation
  • Empowerment to serve the society through yoga careers
  • Yoga philosophy taught by the great yogi, Yogashree N.V.Raghuram

This certificate program is also the foundation course for those interested in the advanced programs, such as therapy oriented course at Yoga Bharati or Masters and Phd programs at SVYASA. Details of SVYASA’s other programs at SVYASA homepage

General Course Details

YIC consists of following parts:

Module 1 – Theory & Practice

  • Yoga – Need of the hour, yoga concept and definitions
  • Philosophy, Streams of Yoga and Unity in Diversity
  • Application of Yoga
  • Introduction to Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga and Stress Management
  • Yoga and Diet
  • Teaching Techniques and Introduction to Research
  • Pranayama, meditation, kriyas, bandhas and Mudras
  • Yoga Retreat

Module 2 – Online Classes

  • Online classes by Subject experts on Yoga Philosophy and Concepts based on texts such as Yoga Vasishta, Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Usually Wednesdays 6am-7am

Module 3 – Compulsory Orientation and Electives
(Not for YFC)

  • Five Monthly Sessions on Yoga Techniques and Yoga Anatomy (Dates are announced during the launch of the course)

  • 15 hours of Electives (workshops, retreats, conferences – program list provided by Yoga Bharati after completion of Module 1)

Module 4 Shadowing of Teachers, Mentored Teaching, Field Practice & Project Report
(Not for YFC)

Duration: At your pace

  • 15 hours of shadowing of senior instructors in yoga classes
  • 30 hours of teaching as field practice
  • A detailed report on a yoga subject (min 20 pages)

Course Requirements


Yoga Foundation Course – includes Module 1 & 2 (Theory & Practice).

Does not include Project report and field practice. Participants get participation certificate if they need it.

Does not include YIC certificate.

YIC (RYT200)

Yoga Instructor Course – includes Module 1 (Theory & Practice) + Module 2 (Online Classes) and Module 3(Electives, Shadowing, field practice and Project Report)

YIC Certificate from VYASA and Yoga Bharati Certificate with Yoga Alliance RYS 200 logo will be awarded upon completion of RYT 200 requirements (Module 1, 2, 3 and 4).

YIC for Youth (under 18 years of age)

We will give them all the training that adults get, but with special breakout sessions so yoga education is given to them at their level of understanding. We will mentor them through our special youth yoga teachers. We will enable them for yoga teaching by our special mentors. Please contact us for details.


We limit the class size to facilitate personalized attention, therefore it is strongly recommended to register as early as possible.

For any other discounts, please contact us at the above contact address.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before practicing yoga



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