Yoga Bharati - Where we stop the headline news! - We do not make News! Instead, we prevent news from happening. Child abuse, domestic violence, orphaned child, crime and murders are news. With yoga, such news is prevented and social harmony prevails. We build such a society for our children.

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Who Are We?

Yoga Bharati is a non-profit, voluntary organization with a vision of enhancing Health (physical), Happiness (mental), Knowledge (intellectual) & Peace (Spiritual) in life through a holistic approach to yoga. Yoga Bharati brings a wealth of knowledge about yoga through Yoga Teacher’s Training course from Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, VYASA, Bangalore, India.

Vision: May we Nourish to see Health and Happiness for all through Holistic Yoga.

Mission: To serve the community with an understanding of the science of yoga by: 1) offering affordable classes and workshops to live a healthy lifestyle; 2) offering training courses on evidence based yoga techniques to enable individual transformation and service to the community; 3) promoting the benefits of yoga through community engagement.



Phone: (855) 202-7747 / 408-341-YOGA (9642)