Pranayama for Children - Invitation 2014

Invitation for Research Participation

(Effect of left and Right Nostril on cognitive functions)

We are excited to do a research study to measure the potential benefits of right and left nostril breathing (chandra and surya anuloma viloma) on cognitive tasks that measure verbal and spatial memory for children. We did a pilot study for the Synopsis Science Fair and we would like to take the study to the next level. For our study, we are asking that your children be test subjects as there are numerous benefits for them which we will cover. 

Who can participate in the study?

For our study, we will need healthy and right-handed children from the ages of 7-12. The children will undergo a 10 day training to learn surya and chandra anuloma viloma. Then they will do 4 days of testing with with the tests involving paper pencil and software based questions

What are the benefits for my child?

The children will learn pranayama and be able to do 15 minutes of nostril breathing (chandra and surya anuloma viloma), a great achievement for a child, develop focus and concentration, and may see an increase in cognitive performance and test scores.

What and where is the training?

The children will have to do 10 days of training for 60 minutes of each day in which we will teach them the techniques of right and left nostril breathing. For your convenience, we will have 15 days of training at 3-4 locations each day at different times, but your child will only have to choose any 10 days at one of the below locations or time.

The training session duration: July 28th-Aug 8th, 2014 (Any 10 sessions to be attended by kids)

Tentative Plan

  • South Bay (covering Sunnyvale, Cupertino, W.San Jose, Campbell & Saratoga areas)
  • East Bay (Fremont area)
  • San Ramon Area
  • South San Jose
  • Other locations possible.

When will the testing take place?

The testing will be four days from Aug 9th -15th, 2014. The testing will take no more than 2 hours each day and will start at 5:00 PM.

How to sign up? - If you are interested in signing up your child, Please send email to For details contact us at

Details of Study - The study is conducted by Yoga Bharati youth and the project is guided by experts from Yoga Bharati. Dr. Erik Peper from San Fransisco State University (SFSU), a biofeedback specialist, is our mentoring scientist along with Dr. Naveen.K.V of S-VYASA.

Contact Information You can contact us at if you have further questions.