Dharma Retreat 2007

Dharma and Holistic Yoga Retreat - 2007
By Sri N. V. Raghuram 

Date/Time: Aug 31st evening (6PM) to Sept 3rd afternoon (1PM) Residential camp

Venue: YMCA Camp Loma Mar. 9900 Pescadero Rd, Loma Mar, CA 94021

What we learn?

Sanatana Dharma: What is Sanatana Dharma, why dharma?

Purpose of Life Dharma in our daily life
Role of rituals in practicing dharma
The nature of God
Spiritual Journey Yogic Life - Karma, Gnyana, Bhakti

Are we loosig dharma and is there a way we can revive Dharma principles?
Yoga Practices:

Science of Yoga Yogasana
Pranayama Meditation
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Management Yogic Games

Fees: $200 per adult ($150 for kids over 3 years; FREE for below 3 years old)


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