Business Yoga Workshop 

- by Dr Prasad Kaipa 


Who is a Business Yogi:

  • One who understands the modern management concepts with the ancient tools of yoga.
  • One who understands the choice of awareness with the ancient tools of yoga. 

'Business Yoga', for busy professionals and for yoga teachers who work with participants and their stress in a corporate setting. The workshop will cover many interesting and useful tools from our ancient wisdom that can be successfully and effectively applied in the modern, corporate world.

Dr Prasad Kaipa uses various tools such as Life Wheel, AAAR Cycle, Legend of Bagger Vance, Mithya Wheel, Chakra Framework to connect modern management concepts with the ancient tools of yoga. You will understand the choice of awareness and its relationship to work, pride, productivity, relationships and contribution. You will learn to incorporate yogic paradigm in your own work ethics. These yogic tools will help you in becoming effective executives and managers in your corporations. You will also be able to mentor your peers, subordinates, and sometimes even your managers using these tools. Please see Dr. Kaipa's TEDxBayArea video, below, to know more about the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table.