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Youth Stress management workshop

Youth Workshop Details

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Youth of today are under heavy stress. Stress is a reaction to the external situation and not the situation itself.  Some students are relaxed even the day before exams and some are stressed weeks before the exams. This shows that we have control over our reaction to external situation. Can the child be relaxed and yet handle all that is needed to be done to excel and meet the parents/schools’ expectations? Absolutely, and yoga helps with that. Yoga creates the entire support system and provides a stress-free environment for a healthy child. 

Stress Management and Yoga Foundation Module (4 Weeks) for 13 - 18 yrs
Dates: July 13th thru Aug 4th; Sat and Sun 12 pm to 3.30 pm

Fees: $280 for the entire workshop and $85 per weekend
In the registration page, select Camp 3 Stress management. 

This workshop can be taken by itself or as youth teachers training module. For more information please visit yoga teacher training page at