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Yogashree N.V. Raghuramji's 2016 Programs

South Bay programs 

Meditation Workshop (March 14-18) 6.30am
Venue: YB Center: 20445 Prospect Rd, Suite #1, San Jose, 95129

Fremont Programs  

Yoga for Modern Life Problems (FREE Event) 
Fremont: 74 Indian Hill, Fremont
Date: March 14th Monday 7.00pm

Meditation Workshop (Two Wed eve 7.30pm, and Three Mornings - Mon-Wed 6.30am)
Venue: YB Center: 3555 Beacon Ave, Fremont

7 sessions of comprehensive Pranayama/Meditation giving you complete tour of pranayama and meditation. Yogashree.N.V.Raghuram will be leading five of these sessions.

PM Days/Times: Wednesdays, March 16th, and 23th, 7.30pm-8.45pm
                             3555 Beacon Ave, Fremont
AM Days/Times: March 21st-23rd - 6.30am-7.45am
                            74 Indian Hill Pl, Fremont

Donation: $75 for 7 sessions; $20 for individual sessions

Raghuramji Calendar for March 2016