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Gita Chanting Kids and Adults

Yoga Bharati is pleased to launch Bhagavad Gita classes starting Sept 10th, 2016.

Age - 5+  including Adults.

Date/Time: Sat 9.30am

Duration - Jan 7th to May 22nd 

Venue: YB Center

20445 Prospect Rd, Suite#1, San Jose

Fees: $180 (early bird $155 until Jan 5th)

Experience: As the time is short, we prefer students with prior shloka chanting experience. Need not be Gita chanting, but any shlokas or Indian songs.

Class Duration: 45 mins. 

Why Gita?

  1. Gita chanting is a great stepping stone for children's future connection with their culture. 
  2. Gita is a scripture that is pertinent to every aspect of our lives and it will help influence their psyche in a positive way, thus helping them in their future.
  3. Even if they rebel during their teenage and they seem to not care, if they havechanted and memorized in the childhood, it all comes back later.  
  4. Shloka chanting, in general, improves their memory and concentration, thereby making them better students at school. Chanting also improves their voice culture and their overall lung capacity improves.
  5. Group learning further instills pride in their culture and they develop a community like minded peers.
  6. Sanskrit language has pronunciations such as Maha Pranas that stimulate nadis and chakras, enhancing the overall health of the child.

How do they progress in learning?

1. First day - they learn 2 shlokas with difficulty. Second class, they learn 5 shlokas without too much trouble. In the third class, we add 2 more. 

2. Some kids would not sit still for 5 or 6 mins at a stretch and they get bored in the first class. They look at the clock for the time to end. Second class - 10 mins at a stretch is usually okay. No checking of the clock. We meditate for the last 2 mins and there will be silence. 

If parents are also trying to learn along with kids, their focus and learning capacity will pick up real good. However, make a note that you parents will find it hard to catchup later as they run fast once they get the hang of it. That has been our experience.

Parent involvement
Kids learn better if their parents learn too. So we ask for parents' participation. For those who cannot be part of the class due to other commitments, we send them regular emails regarding the shloka numbers to practice at home.

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