Surya Namaskar Yagna
Jan 2 – Jun 9 all-day

Surya Namaskar Yagna (Sun Salutations Marathon)

Target for 108 Surya Namaskars for Closing Day

Leading the Yoga awareness movement all over the world, Yoga Bharati organizes Surya Namaskar Yagna (Sun Salutation Marathon) every year to encourage everyone to add Yoga to the list of new year resolutions and start the new year on a healthy note!

We welcome you all to participate in the SNY 2015! It is very easy to participate in this marathon. Do a simple, quick and effective Surya Namaskar as many rounds as possible, daily and compete with the other participants as in a marathon. You can do it alone or as a group, at home or office or any of the yoga classes organized by Yoga Bharati, and self-report your count to us. Detailed brochure of Suryanamaskar: CLICK HERE

The event starts on New Year Day and completes on Ratha Saptami Day every year

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before practicing Suryanamaskars.

SNY 2015 Start Date Thursday, Jan 1st 2015SNY 2015 Ending Date Monday, Jan 26th 2015Closing Event Details: End of Jan 2015 (Sun) eveningDate/Time/Venue:TBD


Surya Namaskar Participation for 108 SNs in our Surya Chakra Formation:

We invite you to participate in 108 SNs during closing ceremony if you are healthy and have prepared to practice 108 SNs. Details will be sent after registration.


Yoga Bharati encourages you to also do fund raising for a noble cause. One option is to support a animal rescue project called – Preeti Rang Sanctuary. http://preetirangsanctuary.org. Or you may choose your own non-profit organization and donate. If you or your child wants to participate in this, contact madhavi@yogabharati.org

We provide initial guidance, and a calendar on how to increase your count of SNs and prepare yourself for the competition. We follow 10 step SNs as given in our VIDEO and for details regarding variations and instructions, see the BROCHURE. If you are simply participating, you can do so and follow the variations. See calendar link on your right to follow the training calendar.

Rules for Enrollment into participation:

  • You must be healthy with no major ailment that prevents you from practicing 108 CLASSIC SNs
  • If you have health issues, consult your doctor and our yoga therapists for variations before practicing 108 SNs with variations or on chair
  • You may be new to yoga, but you must take our training session and demonstrate at least 10 rounds of SNs.
  • You must agree to follow our training schedule of increasing SN count as per our recommendation.
  • Please consult your doctor before signing up for 108 SNs.

Benefits of Suryanamaskar can be found by visiting HERE. Click on Register button on the right bar to register. Click on SNY Log button on the right bar to Log your count. Yoga Bharati provides the needed information and training to start the practice free of cost or at the cost (if venue and other costs are involved).
Upon completion of this event, results will be announced and participants with the highest Surya Namaskara count are recognized.

Contact: suryanamaskar at yogabharati.org for any questions