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Our Mission and Vision

Vision: May we nourish to see a healthy humanity and a peaceful world !

Mission: A holistic understanding of yoga to one and all !

Yoga Bharati is a non-profit, voluntary organization with a vision of enhancing Health (physical), Happiness (mental), Knowledge (intellectual) & Peace (Spiritual) in life through a holistic approach to yoga.

Yoga Bharati brings a wealth of knowledge about yoga through Yoga Teacher’s Training course from Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, VYASA, Bangalore, India.

VYASA is one of the premier Yoga Universities and yoga research institutes in India with its rich background in research on yoga's healing effects for various ailments. VYASA has 25 years of yoga research background and has produced more than 150 research papers in various International Journals; many of them are PUBMED Indexed.

In affiliation with VYASA, Yoga Bharati offers Yoga Therapy Training Course to yoga teachers who gain extensive knowledge on yoga's therapeutic applications so they can provide yoga as a complementary therapy modality to people with different lifestyle disorders such as back pain, diabetes, hypertension, Anxiety and depression, Cancer, etc.

We conduct yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and programs aimed at creating awareness about yoga and its philosophy. Our mission is to build awareness regarding the ancient Indian philosophy and its relevance to the entire humanity. Our goal is to build a team of motivated volunteers to achieve our mission and vision. We invite learned yoga Gurus from India and also ask local experts to conduct discourses, camps and workshops.

What is Yoga?
Developed in India, yoga is a psycho-somatic discipline with its roots going back over 5,000 years - a thought developed by the Hindu sages in the quietude of the forest and caves. This thought process developed into a grand vision of Vedanta as ideas poured into India's cultural basket from every corner, in every millennia and by every passionate yogi. Sages called it Sanatana Dharma - the eternal wisdom. Today, most yoga practices in the West focus on the physical postures called Asanas. However, yoga has much deeper aspects where it helps promote health and happiness at the individual level (Vyashti) to the social level (Samashti). The deeper one delves in the study of yoga, the more one discovers of the diversity and richness of its traditions. The word "yoga" means "union". Traditionally, the goal of yoga has been union with the Absolute, or Brahman, or in other words, Realization of the Self or Atman.

The benefits of yoga include improved physical fitness, mental clarity, greater self-understanding, stress control and general well-being. The beauty of yoga practice lies in its versatility, allowing practitioners to focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or a combination of all these aspects of health and well being.

Yoga Bharati welcomes you to discover the treasures of yoga and to join us in our mission of promoting yoga and related activities in the United States of America and around the world.


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